2012 Fall Collection Chains

New Chains Featured by Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson is the Operations Manager here at Nunn Design.  She is in charge of all purchasing, inventory control, our budget, cash flow projections, sales projections and costing.  Heather has a great sense of humor, is fun to be around and is a huge asset to the Nunn Design Team.

Heather came to Nunn Design nearly a year ago with the belief “Oh, I’m not the creative type”.  Now, tell me, wasn’t she telling herself a big ol’ whopper?!  I might just be a proud employer, but I honestly think this piece is amazing!

Heather’s love for horses has always been with her.  Her first memories of this love begin on the school playground where she enlisted sticks to gallop around the school grounds during recess.

This necklace was created as a tribute to her horse Herfy, who she recently chose to sell.  The black fibers incorporated are trimmings from her former horses mane.  What a wonderful way to honor a creature that she deeply cared for, but is no longer in her care.

Heather created her own chain using Nunn Design Bead Caps as well as our newest Rosary Link Chain and Rhinestone Chain released in our Fall Collection.

Over the following months, we will be featuring original pieces created by all the team members at Nunn Design.

A few other areas of interest around Nunn Design:
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•  Stay tuned for our Make-This Bracelet next week!
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