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Becky Nunn's HeadshotIt began in the expansive wilds of Alaska. There, in the land of the midnight sun, Rebecca Nunn first discovered her budding sensibilities as an artist, and entrepreneur. Shaped by the unhurried passage of time and breathtaking natural beauty around her, Rebecca developed a deep love for the road less traveled — the unrushed exploration of hidden byways, beckoning with undiscovered treasures. This, coupled with a burning desire to craft and create became the foundation for what would one day be Nunn Design.

Drawn into the wider world at age 17, Rebecca received a scholarship that brought her to the north of Italy where she lived for 12 months as a foreign exchange student. There, she was surrounded by brand new forms of beauty, and a sensory richness she’d never before experienced: the enchantment of Renaissance iconography, gilt metal hooks, skeleton keys, gold leaf frames, antique clocks, and the moment-to-moment flow of artistic exploration. It was a year that changed Rebecca’s life, and fueled her full immersion into graphic design, art, and entrepreneurship. Adventures to Australia, Bali, and other parts of Europe followed over the ensuing years, each trip yielding new inspirations.

Ultimately, Rebecca returned to the Pacific Northwest filled with the passion to create a special kind of company — one that would foster connection, build community, and facilitate the creation of beauty.

Today, Nunn Design is the realization of that dream: a small company, producing findings of the highest quality, with generational artisans based in the United States. Our vibrant, extended family produces uniquely classic, handcrafted pieces, each individually inspected down to the detail. And all of this is driven by Nunn Design’s commitment to supporting the individuality and creative vision of each of you, our esteemed customers and enthusiasts. We are devoted to fostering the inspired expression of your distinctive voice. And we are honored and delighted to help you follow your art.

Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity.

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