How to Assemble Handmade Embroidery into Jewelry – Video

Jessica, of Namaste Embroidery, is the creative maker behind this collection of handmade embroidered jewelry pendants.

In Jessica’s video, Assembling Hand Embroidered Jewelry, she walks you through how to assemble your hand embroidery into finished jewelry pieces using Nunn Design Findings.

Shop Retail!

Shop Jessica’s kits retail or download one of her pdf’s to jumpstart your creative process. Her kits include all of the embroidery supplies and hardware you need to make your own hand embroidered floral jewelry.

Nunn Design has a complete collection of embroidery kits to select from. The Grande, Large and Mini Bezels are sold with a jumpring attached, making assembly fast and easy. No additional jewelry making tools are required. However, the Nunn Design Jewelry Kits for Embroidery only include the jewelry findings to create with.

Shop Wholesale!

You can shop the packaged Nunn Design Embroidery Kits wholesale. The kits are available with a full step-by-step photo tutorials and are perfect for a brick and mortar store.

All the findings can also be purchased in bulk, saving you money! Leave a comment if you would like to receive that information.

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