9 Bracelet Finding Options-From Boho Chic to Vintage!


Bracelet findings continue to be one of the top selling categories for Nunn Design throughout 2015. The trend of “the more bracelets the better” has been a big motivator for…Read More

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How to Prepare the UV Curing Lamp


We have had a lot of questions about how to insert the light bulb on the uv lamp that we offer. Silly us, there aren’t any instructions! Well, there are…Read More

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18 Wholesale Ring Options To Choose From


Do you have impulse purchases within your jewelry collection? Rings are a great way to catch someone’s attention. They are easy to try on and fall in love. All of…Read More

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Selling on Etsy? 10 Great Resources!


After years of creating jewelry for the Nunn Design gallery, making samples for magazine articles and creating jewelry to develop new techniques and tutorials, I have accumulated bags and bags…Read More

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Brags on You!


Please enjoy this week’s Brags on our great customers!   Julie Bean with Beadaholique creates fun wire wrapped rhinestone cup chain pendants in this quick and easy video. Make them…Read More

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Winner of our Faux Porcelain Giveaway


Last week we shared Epoxy Clay and Gel du Soleil Inspiration, and then had our Faux Porcelain Giveaway. We asked you which technique that you were most excited about; Rubber…Read More

When Do I Design with Ear Wires, Post Earrings or Wire Earrings? 26 Earrings to Inspire!


There are so many ear wire options to choose from when designing earrings. The answer to the question, “When do I design with ear wires, post earrings or wire earrings”…Read More

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Want Even More Epoxy Clay and Gel du Soleil Inspiration? + Giveaway


Although we have been focusing the past two weeks on two tutorials featured in the Buy & Try Faux Porcelain Program, these techniques are just two of the ways that…Read More

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Brags on You!


I’m so delighted that these posts are enjoyed by so many. I get so much joy bragging on you! Here is the latest collection of fun projects and inspirations. Please…Read More

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17 Faux Porcelain Jewelry Inspirations!


Last week we featured two tutorials on how to create Faux Porcelain Jewelry using Epoxy Clay-Crystal Clay and UV Resin-Gel du Soleil. The two tutorials were part of the education…Read More

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