2017 Summer Collection Highlights

Over the past two weeks, on the Nunn Design Blog, I went a little more in depth about each of the findings introduced into our 2017 Summer Collection. Here is…Read More

2017 Summer Collection – Ring Open Frame Itsy Circle, Square & Hexagon, Ring Hammered Thin

This is the last in the series of posts celebrating the 2017 Summer Collection. In this post I introduce our newest collection of rings. Ring Open Frame Itsy Circle, Square…Read More

Preserving Organics for Resin Jewelry

The more organics that I preserve, the more I learn. But honestly, in the big scheme of all there is to know on this subject, I have to admit, I…Read More

2017 Summer Collection- Mini Pendant Crescent Moon, Star, Ornate Flat Tag Mini Square, Mini Oval, Flat Tag Mini Arrowhead, Half Oval

The beauty of the Nunn Design product line really comes through when the individual maker or artist breathes his or her own life into the pieces. Just within my own…Read More

Craft Show Essentials by The Hive Handmade

I love coming across blog posts that are written by people like Erin. Erin is the Queen Bee behind a great website called The Hive Handmade. The Hive Handmade’s website…Read More

2017 Summer Collection – Open Pendants Small Arrowhead, Drop, Half Oval and Inverted Drop

Get ready to have some fun creating! I had such a great time playing with this latest collection of bezels. The Nunn Design Summer Collection of Open Pendants is so…Read More

Brags on You!

Always fun to see what others are creating with the Nunn Design Products! If you have some pieces that you would like included, please email me at becky@nunndesign.com. Here is…Read More

2017 Summer Collection – Contemporary Jewelry Findings

For many of you, it is no surprise that these Contemporary Jewelry Findings made it into our 2017 Summer Collection. The response from our Flash Sale was hands down the…Read More

2017 Summer Collection Catalogue Takes You Places!

We have uploaded “phase one” of the 2017 Summer Supplement Catalogue. While flipping through the pages, you can click on any of the finished jewelry projects and link directly to…Read More

2017 Summer Collection is Now Live!

Here at Nunn Design, our goal is to provide jewelry designers with the very best quality of innovative jewelry findings that we can offer. All items that are cast pewter…Read More

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