Do You Have Extra Bits of Chain? 23 Earring Inspirations!


I don’t know about your studio, but I have loose fragments and bits and pieces of chain scattered about and stored in containers. What about those wee bits of loose…Read More

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Brags on You!


Creating jewelry can be a very vulnerable thing. It requires courage to make something and show it to the world. My hat goes off to all of you who are…Read More

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20 Jewelry Designs and Loom Weaving Inspirations, Videos and Tutorials to Inspire!


I have been attracted to loom woven belts and bracelets since I was a child. Do you remember those beaded belts you would see in the gift shop when you…Read More

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More Tassel Inspiration


I hope that you had a moment to see yesterday’s post of Tassel Inspiration. Here are additional tassel inspired jewelry projects to get those creative juices flowing. All of these projects…Read More

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Tassels are Awesome! 20 Jewelry Designs and Tutorials to Inspire!


Tassels have been around in fashion for years already, but they still attract my attention. Perhaps it is something about the free flowing movement they bring to a jewelry piece….Read More

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Flash Sale Offer 30% Off Wholesale On Retiring Inventory!
2 Days Only!


As our company grows and as our product line expands, it is time to say goodbye to some of our products that are aging. We hope that you will enjoy…Read More

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Brags on You!


Thank you to everyone who sent us in images of their work! It is so exciting to see what people are creating! Here is the latest batch of inspiration! It…Read More

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Polymer Clay Inspiration!


In my opinion, polymer clay does not receive the attention that it so deserves. Polymer clay is polyvinyl chloride that will harden when properly baked. It is a great art…Read More

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How to Use Screw Back Bezels


Screw Back Bezels are an easy way to add a bezel to any leather surface. The bezel is cast with a screw embedded into the backside, hence the item’s name…Read More

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How to Colorize & Embed Brass Stampings Video


Many jewelry artists may have already explored the world of working with 2-part resin and now there is an even bigger world that can be explored through colorizing resin with…Read More