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Tutorials on How to Dry & Press Flowers to Embed into Resin

The tutorials that I will be covering during the month of July, for Nunn Design Summer School, involve embedding pressed flowers into resin. We are confident that once you explore…Read More

Embroidery Inspiration!

So many beautiful jewelry embroidery pieces to be inspired by! Here are some of the latest we have to celebrate with you. Adrienne of Ellis and Ivy created these fun…Read More

Window Displays that Inspire!

I know I’m not unique with my window display obsession. I mean, what is there not to love when they are stop-in-your-tracks beautiful. Besides being little art scenes with the…Read More

Brags on You! (Issue #37)

Another favorite post to write! One in which we celebrate all the great designers that create and educate using the Nunn Design Collection. Here is a look of this month’s…Read More

Macrame Jewelry Inspiration

Sometimes when a trend comes back around, it takes me a moment to “get into it.” That was the case when I started seeing macramé jewelry becoming popular “again.” But,…Read More

14 Inspiring Jewelry Making Projects Featuring Nunn Design Findings!

I feel so fortunate to be in an industry where there is so much inspiration that you can access free of charge. Although many of our designers don’t create projects…Read More

How to Make the Alejandra Necklace with Chain Fringe

It is always fun to see what our partners in creativity design with the Nunn Design Findings. This project was created by Julie Bean with the team at Beadaholique. Julie…Read More

Nunn Design Art Day Inspiration

Nunn Design Art Day happens 4 times a year. The team at Nunn Design work one-on-one with me to get a clear focus and purpose for their day of creativity. Here are…Read More

Brags on You!

Yet another round of exciting inspiration and education from our Nunn Design customers! Thank you everyone for all that you do to inspire and nurture creativity! I’m super excited about…Read More

11 New Project Videos Featuring Nunn Design Findings!

Our friends at have amassed a great collection of project videos featuring Nunn Design Findings. I hope there is something that inspires you! Luxurious Iridescent Green Earrings by Fusion…Read More

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