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How to Use Nunn Design Crimp Connectors with Satellite Chain

Doing a tutorial on how to use the Nunn Design Connectors with Satellite Chain has been on my to do list. Sorry, still hasn’t happened! But here is a basic…Read More

How to Mix and Trouble Shoot Crystal Clay Video Tutorial

I’m totally smitten with all the possibilities that Crystal Clay offers to the jewelry artist. Understanding some basics of how to mix it, even before you take it out of…Read More

Nail Polish Flowers in Nunn Design Open Hoops – by Beading Gem

It is always a pleasure to see what our friend Pearl at the Beading Gem is creating. In her newest tutorial, Pearl explores using the Nunn Design Open Frame Hoops…Read More

Brags on You!

There is a large bounty of Brags to be celebrating this month. Some classes, some videos, some inspiration, and a whole lot of coolness! Thank you to everyone for helping…Read More

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Melissa

Melissa is my partner in crime when it comes to any visual graphics from Nunn Design. She is funny (well downright silly really), creative, thoughtful, patient, kind, and a joy…Read More

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration by Team Member – Haylee

Haylee is the youngest member on the Nunn Design Team and our token millennial. I often stalk Haylee to see what she is liking on Pinterest and Instagram to provide…Read More

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member – Christee

Besides being the main lead out in the warehouse, Christee is my right-hand gal when it comes to preparing Nunn Design for our art retreats and tradeshows. Christee works diligently…Read More

Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Cheryl

If you haven’t yet experienced Cheryl here at Nunn Design, you just aren’t putting together the name with the voice. Cheryl is pretty much the person that you would have…Read More

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Heather

Heather, the Nunn Design Operations Manager, has a western cowboy style to many of her jewelry creations. She tends to gravitate toward the Nunn Design leather products, including Deerskin Lace,…Read More

20 Ways to Create with Nunn Design Open Back Bezels

The Nunn Design Open Back Bezel Collection is one of our most popular trending bezel categories within our jewelry findings line. The diversity of the Open Back Bezels and the…Read More

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