Flash Sale

Flash Sale Contemporary Jewelry Findings Starts Today!

For the next 4 days, Nunn Design is offering a Flash Sale on a collection of Contemporary Jewelry Findings. The Flash Sale items will be available April 27th-30th. The Contemporary…Read More

Upcoming Flash Sale & Buy & Try!

Flash Sale-April 27, 2017! The next Flash Sale is scheduled for April 27th! We will be flashing a collection of contemporary jewelry findings that are right in line with the…Read More

Flash Sale Open Back Bezel Rings & Bangles Starts Today!

Today our latest Flash Sale has launched! This Flash Sale will be offered March 23rd-26th. Even if you don’t place an order, please be sure to let us know which…Read More

Flash Sale Open Bezel Rings & Bangles Starts March 23, 2017!

March 23rd we will be launching a Flash Sale to test a new collection of products that we are working on. Your sales and feedback will help us determine which…Read More

Flash Sale Primitive Tags! September 29th-October 2nd, 2016 Only!

Today we launched a Flash Sale to test a new collection of flat tags. Your sales and feedback will help us determine which of these shapes to put into production….Read More

Flash Sale Open Frame Hoops! August 25-28th Only!

Today we launched our Flash Sale for the Open Frame Hoops. The Flash Sale on these great hoops will be offered August 25th-August 28th, 2016. Orders placed during this period…Read More

Flash Sale New Beadcaps!

Flash Sales are a way for us to test products and get your feedback. If people are really excited, we listen and add the flash sale items to our product…Read More

Memory Wire Inspiration + Flash Sale!

Memory Wire is nothing new. In fact some could say “I’m so way over that!” One of the pieces featured in this post was from Heather Powers from 2011! But…Read More

Brass Locket Jewelry Inspiration!

Flashing this week we have a collection of sweet and adorable brass lockets. Locket Mini Circle measures 15.8×13.2×3.2mm, Locket Mini Drop measures 17.3×10.3×3.5mm and the Locket Mini Oval measures in…Read More

Flash Sale! Brass Lockets!

This week, we are flashing a collection of Brass Lockets. Flash Sales are a venue in which we are testing to see what you would like us to stock for…Read More

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