Flash Sale on Organic Open Back Bezels Starts Today!

These flashing organic styled Open Back Bezels are designed to work with Preciosa Crystals, Swarovski Crystals, stones and cabochons. As with most Nunn Design Findings, they could also be used with Nunn Design Resin, Crystal Clay, or polymer clay!

Open Back Bezels are available in four shapes and four plating options. All the Open Back Bezels are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Cast and plated in the USA.

Shop Flash Sale!

Open Back Bezel Circle 8mm

Oh so cute and oh so simple. Sold in packs of 2.

8mm Circle Preciosa Crystals are available in a pack of 2.

Open Back Bezel Circle 12mm

A little larger than the 8mm, but still small enough to be a charm, earring or pendant. Sold in packs of 2.

12mm Circle Preciosa Crystals are available in a pack of 2.

Open Back Bezel Square 12mm

I hate to play favorites, but I just can’t help it with the squares! These organic style Open Back Bezels are sold in packs of 2.

12mm Square Preciosa Crystals are available in a pack of 2.

Open Back Bezel Pear 14mm

These beautiful organic style Open Back Bezel Pears are available in a pack of 2.

14mm Pear Preciosa Crystals are available in a pack of 2.

Let’s Talk Glue!

We had many questions about how to glue the crystals into the bezels. I put together a blog post, Gluing Crystals to Metal, that talks about the many sources and options that you have to select from.

Here is how the Flash Sales work:

  • Flash Sales are available to registered Nunn Design wholesale customers only.
  • There is no minimum purchase requirements on Flash Sale items. The $100.00 minimum order requirement is waived.
  • The Flash Sale Program cannot be combined with other wholesale products. 
Sorry it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at Cheryl@nunndesign.com if you have any questions.
  • Orders for the Organic Open Back Bezels will begin to ship the week of October 23rd, but could take up to 6-8 weeks. Payment will be collected prior to shipping these items.
  • This test is to identify which shapes and price points work for you best. We can’t promise you that we will be stocking them within our next release, but your interest will definitely be heard. Make sure to let us know even what you think even if you don’t place an order!

Shop the Flash Sale HERE and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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