Satellite 2mm Bead Chain
Sterling Silver Plate

Satellite 2mm Bead Chain is brass and plated using copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver and is sold on a spool of 25 feet. The 2mm bead spacers are separated 11.5mm apart with a fine cable chain.

You will need to finish the ends of your chain with a Nunn Design Ball Chain Crimp Connector because the cable chain is too fine to attach a jumpring.

When cutting the chain to add the Crimp Connector, cut at least 1/8 inch after the bead spacer to ensure the bead does not slip off the chain. Learn more in this blog post: How to Use Nunn Design Crimp Connectors with Satellite Chain. Download our Nunn Design Jump Ring & Chain Cheatsheet or visit our blog post, to see: Which Nunn Design Jump Rings Fit Nunn Design Chain!

SKU: s2bc-ssf

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