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Over the past few weeks I have been gushing about our 2016 Summer Collection. Words say a lot. Pictures say a lot. But a VIDEO? That says even a whole lot more! If you have a moment, pour yourself a cup of something freshly brewed and take a virtual tour of the 2016 Summer Collection with Cynthia of Artbeads and myself. I have loads of great samples and I also get to talk about the various techniques that I used with the pieces.

If you don’t have a moment to watch, here is the eye candy of projects that I talk about.

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For this pair of earrings, I used the stacking ring as the focal. I punched a hole on the top using a pair of Hole Punch Pliers and threaded in a Headpin that I looped to connect to the 6mm Textured Jump Ring and Leverback Earwire. The focal is created by pressing Crystal Clay-Black into a Silicone Mold that was brushed with a gold PearlEx Mica Powder prior to making the sculpted relief impression. Pretty elegant looking, don’t you think?

_DSC8126-logo _DSC8128-2-logo _DSC8145-logo _DSC8149-logo


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