I think you do an excellent job of assessing the market and thinking of innovative ways of tapping into it through social media, collaborative efforts with vendors and in creating innovative products that we enjoy designing with.

Julie, Beadaholique

Yes, you have. You have done an amazing job developing your brand, and producing products to be proud of! You will make me very happy to just continue on your path! Good luck

Patrice Z.

I have to write a comment on the wonderful service that Nunn Designs offer. Their products are Beautifully Designed, well constructed and the top of the line in Quality. I wish I could be assured with other vendors I use, that the items would always be more than I had expected, as is always the case from Nunn, and that the service was as excellent. The staff/Cheryl are always pleasant, they know their stuff, and are efficient. Can’t say enough about this Company!

Patrice Z.

“I appreciate so much the integrity, creativity and the pioneer spirit I see within you. You are blazing a trail for the rest of us.  I am so glad I found you and I’m so thankful for the quality products you make that allow me to produce beautiful jewelry that has meaning”.

Anne Ballard, The Crowning Jewels

I just want to say thank you. You gals have been awesome. I love the products, the emails and you always answer any questions I have quickly. So again, thank you all for being a great company.
A great full customer!

Robin S.

I just had to write and thank you for the New Master Catalogue.  Besides being beautifully done, it helps in the ordering process, when creating and knowing what is made to go with what.
Your products continue to be some of the very best on the market, both in quality, design and flexibility in creating.
Thank you so much for your Great Customer Service, I look forward to working with some of you new items, as well as my stand-by’s!
Forever grateful, Patrice


I have always been impressed with the quality of your product line and how well your product lines fit together.  Synergy like that doesn’t happen by accident.  There has to be someone making intelligent decisions at the top.


Your company is well-respected in the community and I admire the organic appeal of your products and the fact that you make design and innovation so accessible to the everyperson. Congratulations on your continued success.

Sandra N. Godinho

I appreciate your amazing customer service, and I hope that you all are having an awesome week!
God bless!


Thank you for so beautiful newsletter! I liked it very much! 

Where can I find the lessons, how to make all this wonderful jewelry with this beautiful items?
Have a nice day!

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