1 Day Flash Sale! September 6th! Pendant Charms!

Today we are offering a 1-Day Flash Sale to test a new series of Pendant Charms. These charms are molded from some of my favorite vintage buttons I have used to create interesting textures in many of our tutorials, like this tutorial.

6 different Pendant Charms are being offered in today’s 1-Day Flash Sale. They are cast in lead-free pewter and plated with copper, 24k gold and .999 fine silver. Plated charms are then oxidized to provide an aged look to the precious metal. Charms are sold in units of 1 for the Flash Sale. All of this process is done in the USA.


Here is what today’s flash sale has to offer!

Pendant Charm Grande Filigree

First up in our Flash Sale is the Pendant Charm Grande Filigree. So many options for creative play with this piece. Connect jumprings to the open areas, or fill with resin, you name it! It can even stand alone as an ornate filigree focal piece. If this finding looks familiar, you might have seen it featured in this tutorial on the Nunn Design Blog.

This is the biggest of the Pendant Charms, with an outside dimension of 47.3mm x 40.5mm and 2.6mm thick.

Pendant Charm Grande Mum Flower

This beauty is our Pendant Charm Grande Mum Flower! The Grande Mum Flower weighs the heaviest of the 6 Flashing Pendant Charms and is the second largest. A flower petal design is featured on the concaved back side as a stand alone design, or fill it with resin, crystal clay, what have you!

The outside dimensions are 42.6mm x 37.6mm and 7mm thick.

Pendant Charm Large Daisy

Does this Pendant Charm Large Daisy look familiar? The button, this pendant charm is molded after, was featured in a tutorial here! Geometry and nature combined make up this charm. The backside has room to feature your favorite techniques while the front shows off its daisy-like textures!

The Daisy charm is 39.5mm x 35.8mm and  7.5mm thick.

Pendant Charm Large Retro

Another charm, modeled after a vintage button in my collection, is the Pendant Charm Large Retro.This charm is retro and geometric, with a concaved backside to keep the item lighter and give opportunities to show off techniques. To see a tutorial using this finding and several of the other Pendant Charms, visit this tutorial on the Nunn Design Blog.

The outside dimensions are 33mm x 28.6mm and 4.5mm thick.

Pendant Charm Small Beaded

During this 1-Day Flash sale, we are offering this Pendant Charm Small Beaded. A charm modeled after faceted metal beads and formed into this fun charm.

The outside diameter is 28mm x 24mm and 4mm thick.

Pendant Charm Small Nautilus

Last, but not least, we are flashing this Pendant Charm Small Nautilus. I love the Nautilus fossil I molded this charm from. Add an element of nature to your jewelry with this charm. The backside is concaved and leaves a little room to add your technique favorites too. Resin? Crystal Clay?

The outside diameter is 28mm x 21.5mm and is 6mm thick.

How the Nunn Design Flash Sales Works:

  • The Flash Sale is available to registered Nunn Design Wholesale Customers only.
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement on Flash Sale items. The $100.00 minimum order requirement is waived.
  • We waive the bulk pack requirement and allow you to order 1 pair or 1 piece if you desire.
  • You can order as many as you would like, but 1 pair or 1 piece is the minimum.
    The Flash Sale Program cannot be combined with other wholesale products. Sorry, it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at Cheryl@nunndesign.com if you have any questions.
  • The Flash Sale begins September 6th at 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time and runs until 11:59 PM PDT.
  • Once orders are received, we will then put the findings into production. The shipping time will be 6-8 weeks after the Flash Sale.

Shop Flash Sale:

This Flash Sale is today only. September 6th, 2019.


If the findings that we offer in a Flash Sale are not released in the Nunn Design Findings Line, purchase the items from our Limited Editions Program.

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Nunn Design primarily sells wholesale, but we do offer Retail Kits and Retail Buy & Try Programs for certain projects. For all other findings, please visit our Where to Buy Page for a listing of online stores that sell Nunn Design Findings retail.

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