1 Day Flash Sale Today! Beads! Beads! Beads!

Today is the day! We are offering a 1 Day ONLY Flash Sale on 4 types or Organic Metal Beads and an Organic Bracelet Link. Flash Sales can be purchased only by our registered Nunn Design Wholesale Buyers.

Here is what is in the line-up for the Flash Sale Today ONLY!

Beads! Beads! Beads!

Many of you will recognize these beads from the Facebook Live private product development group (do you want to join?). Many of you gave us feedback on them, and due to the amount of items in the 2019 Winter Collection, we held back on these until we could properly test them.

Nunn Design Beads are cast in lead-free pewter and available in 4 precious metal plates. Flash Sale beads are available in copper, 24k gold and .999 silver plates and are oxidized to provide an aged look. The .999 sterling silver plate is not oxidized, so it is bright and contemporary looking. The hole size is large enough for a 1.5mm leather cord. Made in the USA.

Here is a closer view of each of the 5 items that we are offering in our 1-Day Only Nunn Design Flash Sale:

Metal Bead Organic Large Assortment

Our Metal Bead Organic Large Assortments come in organic irregular shapes, average 12mm in size and have 2.5mm holes. For the flash sale these are sold in packs of 1.

Metal Bead Organic Tube 12mm

Our Metal Bead Organic 12mm Tubes have a fun organic texture and are 12mm long and 7.5mm in diameter. The hole size is 5mm. For the flash sale these are sold in packs of 1.

Metal Bead Organic Tube 27mm

Our Metal Bead Organic 27mm Tubes are 27mm in length and 5.5mm in diameter. The hole size is 2.5mm. For the flash sale these are sold in packs of 1.

Metal Bead Organic Mini Tube

The Metal Bead Organic Mini Tubes are fun little beads that are 8x6mm with a 2.5mm hole. For the flash sale these are sold in packs of 1.

Bracelet Link Organic Tag Small Rectangle

Last but not least are our Bracelet Link Organic Tag Small Rectangles. These bracelet links are 39mm long by 8.5mm wide with two holes that are 1.5mm in diameter. For the flash sale these are sold in packs of 1. Bracelet Links are cast in lead-free pewter, and then plated with precious metals, for rubber stamping, metal stamping and engraving. Stamping on pewter does require some education in order to have consistent success.

How Nunn Design Flash Sales Work!

Here is how the 1 Day Flash Sale will work:

  • The Flash Sale is available to registered Nunn Design Wholesale Customers only.
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement on Flash Sale items. The $100.00 minimum order requirement is waived.
  • We waive the bulk pack requirement and allow you to order 1 piece if you desire.  You can order as many as you would like, but 1 piece is the minimum.
  • The Flash Sale Program cannot be combined with other wholesale products. Sorry it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at Cheryl@nunndesign.com if you have any questions.
  • The Flash Sale starts at 12:00 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on March 11th and runs until 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on March 12th.
  • Orders will start to ship May 1st.

Shop Flash Sale:

This Flash Sale is today only. March 11th, 2019.

Shop flash sale! beads! beads! Beads!

How to Purchase Wholesale?

If you are interested in becoming one of the many designers who trust their jewelry to Nunn Design Findings, please join us by registering to become one of our wholesale customers!

Nunn Design primarily sells wholesale, but we do offer Retail Kits and Retail Buy & Try Programs for certain projects. For all other findings, please visit our Where to Buy Page for a listing of online stores that sell Nunn Design Findings retail.

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