11 Tutorial Cheat Sheets to Download, Helpful For Quick Referencing!

We have been adding some Cheat Sheets to our Pinterest Tutorial Board these past couple of weeks. Here is a quick review of the 11 Cheat Sheet Tutorials that we have created so far. Please pin them and have them for ready for your use at any moment.

Click on the titles under each of the cheat sheets to link to the full tutorial on our blog.

1. How to Use Organics in Open Back Bezels with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin Tutorial

Here is a quick look at How to Use Organics in Open Back Bezels with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin.


2.  2-Part Resin Quick Reference

This is a quick reference for all of you who get to mixing resin and end up asking yourself “how long do I stir it?”


3.  Sculpted Crystal Clay with Mica Powders Stacking Ring Tutorial

This cheat sheet breaks down the tutorial of Sculpted Crystal Clay with Mica Powders Stacking Rings into one small bite.


4. Stacking Rings with Crystal Clay, Glitter Roxs and Nunn Design 2-Part Resin Tutorial

This technique is super easy. You just need a wee bit of time to let the resin cure on these pieces. The cheatsheet comes from this tutorial.


5.  Sculpted Relief Resin Mold within an Open Bezel Tutorial

This is by far one of my all time “I’m so proud I thought of this” tutorials. This technique makes creating sculpted images from a mold within a bezel so easy with so little clean up. See full tutorial here.


6. Itsy Bezel Tutorial

Haylee created this great collection during our most recent artday. These pieces are super fast to create, but oh so fun! See Full Tutorial.


7. Domed Itsy Tutorial

Haylee created these great domed Itsy Earrings using Crystal Clay and Faceted Bead Chain as well. A tiny bling is added to the top making the studded Itsy Earrings just so darn cute! See Full Tutorial.


8. Open Framed Colorized Resin Tutorial

A great jewelry project created by Christee showing how to create negative space within Open Frame Pendants. See Full Tutorial.


9.  Ball Chain Bee Hive Tutorial

All I have to say to this is “Awesome”.  I LOVE this beehive and tutorial!


10.  Create Resin Filled Pendants with Wire Frames

Innovation Team Member Kristine Kennedy created this great pair of earrings that inspired this tutorial.


11.  Faux Porcelain Sculpted Relief with Crystal Clay and Colorized Nunn Design Resin

Last but not least, we have seen this technique before, but doesn’t it look oh so cool inside a Nunn Design Wire Frame? See Full Tutorial.


11 Cheat Sheets to help inspire you at a glance!  Hope you like them!

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