Artbeads Café Featuring the 2016 Fall Collection + Mini Earring Tutorial!

It is always fun to visit the team at Artbeads. Especially when I have the opportunity to show off the latest from Nunn Design.

In this Café, I spontaneously chatted with Cynthia on the inspiration behind the Nature Collection. It is a fun little tidbit that explains the process in which a new product line came to life.

During this mini tutorial, I walk you through how to make this simple pair of earrings using the Nunn Design Beadcaps. It wouldn’t be a Becky Nunn video without a Dog and Pony Show! Stay until the end to see other earring inspirations.

Be Inspired!

FullSizeRender-537 FullSizeRender_1-537IMG_2003-537

Shop the 2016 Fall Collection!

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