Artbeads Café Filmed On Location At Nunn Design

Last week Kristal Wick and the Artbead Team took a road trip to visit us here in Port Townsend – to shoot on location the upcoming episode of Artbeads Café. Here are some behind the scene snapshots!


Don’t you think Kristal and I look all respectable?


BUT this is really what was going on 3 minutes prior!!! I was totally bustin a move to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop!” I was dripping sweat as we started to film and felt like I needed a nap! I’m not 20 any longer Toto!


After filming the Artbeads Café, I shot a couple tutorials that will be live soon. Don’t I look like a schoolgirl in detention? Artbeads’ owner and videographer, Devin Kimura, was shooting over my shoulder as I did the step-outs for two great epoxy clay tutorials.

After we filmed the introduction of the new 2014 Winter Collection and tutorials, I opened up the office to introduce some of the Nunn Design Team and give a peak of the office and warehouse.

The Artbeads Café will be live Thursday, so stay tuned!

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