Buy & Try Bitsy Earrings Coming Next Week!

Nunn Design offers a Buy & Try Program to encourage jewelry makers to buy the products needed to try something new. This next week we will be featuring three different tutorials and offering a buy & try – ALL WEEK LONG – of the supplies that you will need for creating.

Here are the three tutorials that are in the line-up!

MONDAY – Bitsy Earrings with Colorized Resin

Learn the basics of how to colorize resin using a large variety of color formulas that we put together. Download the Colorized Resin Cheat Sheet if you can’t wait to get started!

WEDNESDAY – Bitsy Earrings with Crystal Clay, Gold Flakes & Resin

Create tiny elegance with this Crystal Clay, Gold Flakes and Resin tutorial. I love this technique because it requires only one pour of resin!

THURSDAY – Bitsy Earrings with Glitter Roxs & Resin

Glitter Roxs are a fine German Glass which makes them ideal for embedding into resin. Especially within these cute Bitsy Earring Posts.

What is the Buy & Try Program?

Now that you can see what we will be featuring, here is how the buy & try program works:

Nunn Design offers a Buy & Try Program to encourage jewelry makers, both wholesale and retail, to buy the products needed to try something new.

This week we are featuring the different techniques that you can create with the Bitsy Earring Posts. Be inspired and purchase just the items needed to explore the technique we are featuring! Enjoy!

For Wholesalers: How the Wholesale Buy & Try Program works:

  • Minimum wholesale quantities for “Buy & Try” items are waived, allowing you to receive the lowest tiered price possible.
  • No need to purchase a wholesale minimum order of $100.00 on “Buy & Try” items. You can add these items to your cart and check out with just the items you will need for a day of creating!
  • “Buy & Try” items cannot be combined with other wholesale products. 
Sorry it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at if you have any questions.
  • The Buy & Try Bitsy Earring Post offer expires May 4th at midnight. Orders will ship on or before May 7th.
  • After May 4th:
    • Buy & Try items will stay up for purchase however you will be required to purchase full bulk packs of findings and you may combine these items with regular wholesale items.
    • $100 Minimum order back in effect.

So stay in touch next week! We look forward to seeing you!

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