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Even after all of this time our Classic Pendants tend to STILL be our very best sellers.  Even though there have been many bezels from other companies that have come into the market after us, we still hear regularly that “your quality is the best”.  Our Classic Pendants are cast in lead-free pewter, hand buffed and then plated in 24k gold, .999 fine silver and copper.  All made right here, as they always have been, in the USA.

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Learn How

Create unique Keepsake Pendants with Nunn Design Classic Pendants and Nunn Design Resin. To learn how to use Nunn Design Resin, Nunn Design Sealant and Glue to create keepsake pendants that can incorporate any image you like, download our free tutorials.


Be Inspired

Be inspired by these projects from the Nunn Design archives on various ways to use the Classic Pendants.


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One thought on “Buy & Try Keepsake Findings-Classic Pendants

  1. Kris W says:

    Love the possibilities with these pendants–I have some tiny seashells that I’d like to incorporate into a pendant

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