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I must confess that Raised Tag Pendants are some of my favorites. I consistently have great results with these pendants and I can do so many things. Due to their flat surface, they are ideal for Nunn Design Resin, Gel du Soleil, Rubber Stamping, Metal Stamping, Transfer Sheets, Collage Sheets, Texturizing and Sculpting with Crystal Clay. The backside is recessed, so they are also double sided. They are also what I typically love to teach resin classes with because the risk of air bubbles is pretty much non-existent. With no sidewalls on the pendant, there isn’t room for air to get trapped or for resin to seep in and discolor the image…it is a no-brainer for success!

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Create unique Keepsake Pendants with Nunn Design Raised Tags and Nunn Design Resin. To learn how to use Nunn Design Resin, Nunn Design Sealant and Glue to create keepsake pendants that can incorporate any image you like, download our free tutorials.

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