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Bitsy Earrings with Crystal Clay, Gold Flakes and Nunn Design Resin – Tutorial! Buy & Try!

I personally love this technique because of its production speed. This “look” of a black base with a clear resin over it is typically created with a double resin pour process. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can do it much quicker using black Crystal Clay in the base, embed gold flakes and […]

Make These Bitsy Earrings with Colorized Resin – Tutorial! Buy & Try!

Create super fun and easy post Bitsy Earrings with the technique of colorizing Nunn Design Resin with Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments. Here is how the technique, of colorizing resin and applying it into the Bitsy Earring Posts is done. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video tutorial too! Learn How: Supplies Needed: Nunn Design […]

Colorized Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Transfer Sheets

I’m crazy about these tree transfer sheets that we released earlier this year. I think the effect of colorized resin with the dramatic tree photos is quite stunning. Transfer sheets are printed images that have a film front with a paper backing. When you drop the film into a dish of warm water, it separates the […]

Create Colorized Resin Mosaics with Excess Resin Tutorials

If you have worked with resin before, you often have some leftover resin you don’t want to waste. This tutorial will help your resin be “good to the last drop.” Resin, when it is still curing, is very soft and can be easily cut with scissors and even rolled. Create interesting mosaics with the excess […]

Colorized Resin in Open Hoops with Mica Powders and Flakes

Creating pendants with colorized Nunn Design Resin and Open Hoops is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make some statement jewelry pieces. Adding a splash of additional color with Pearl Ex powders and mica flakes will create a one of a kind pendant. Another blog post that you might be interested in is; 2019 […]

Colorizing Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Organics

Adding organics over colorized resin creates a stunning effect. This technique does require multiple resin pours, but the results are unique and beautiful. To ensure that your organics are ready for resin, please read the previous blog post that covers 6 tips for preparing organics for resin. The preparation and drying of your organics is […]

Buy & Try Crystal Points Starts Today!

Today we launch our latest Buy & Try Program; Crystal Points. This Buy & Try will be available March 9th-19th, 2017.  Shop this program and get quartz crystal points, Crystal Clay, different options of chain, leather and jumprings to create your own unique raw crystal jewelry. Nunn Design Buy & Try Programs inspire our customers […]

Buy & Try Crystal Points Starts March 9th, 2017!

The Nunn Design Buy & Try Program offers a tutorial for a new technique that we have been experimenting with. It offers inspirational exploration on how to create jewelry using the new technique. And lastly, we offer the supplies for a limited period of time so that you can actually CREATE the jewelry that you […]

How to use Crystal Clay on Crystal Points to Create Unique Pendants Tutorial + Video

Over the years I have purchased many strands of crystal points. Enough strands worth that I had to say to myself, “unless you can design a way to use these, you can’t buy another crystal point!!” Do any of you have this issue? This tutorial was the result of the design challenge I provided myself. […]

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