Childhood Memories of Summer Creativity and Winner of 2017 Summer Giveaway!

Thank you for entering our 2017 Summer Giveaway! Reading through all the comments helped me remember how important all those creative moments were to us as children. How these memories…Read More

2017 Summer Collection Launches June 8th! Win the Giveaway!

Our 2017 Summer Collection is releasing soon and we are ready to get this party started! We are offering our 2017 Summer Collection Giveaway even before we have launched this latest…Read More

Nunn Design 2016 Fall Collection Giveaway!

Two Fall Collection Giveaways! One Giveaway on Instagram! One Giveaway on Facebook! With each new collection, Nunn Design offers a chance to win a sampling of all of the latest…Read More

Do You Want a Chance to Win a Class at the Tucson To Bead True Blue Show 2017! Vote Now!

We are gearing up for our 2017 Tucson To Bead True Blue Show. At this coming show, we will be mixing things up a bit by offering 8 classes. Each…Read More

Brags on You! + 2016 Summer Collection Giveaway!

Time for my favorite post!!! Brags on You! This is my opportunity to scour the web and feature our great customers and what they are creating. Here is the latest…Read More

Lucky Charm Bracelet, Necklace and Earring Tutorials + Giveaway!

This week I have been having a good ol’ time focusing on the theme of lucky charms. Throughout the week on our blog, I explored the origins of my curiosity…Read More

2016 Winter Collection Giveaway!

Enter to Win this Nunn Design 2016 Winter Collection Giveaway! With each new collection released, we offer a giveaway! We will select at random 1 lucky winner to receive our…Read More

Gratitude Giveaway #3! Retail Value of $157.00!

There is so much to be grateful for. During this month of November Nunn Design has been offering weekly Gratitude Giveaways to support us in taking a moment to focus…Read More

Winner of Gratitude Giveaway #2

Thank you everyone for taking the time to say such nice things to and about us. It really helps us to know that we are indeed on mission and that…Read More

Gratitude Giveaway #2! Retail Value of $150.00!

Our mission here at Nunn Design is: Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity. It is a mission that all of us here at Nunn Design are grateful…Read More

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