Childhood Memories of Summer Creativity and Winner of 2017 Summer Giveaway!

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Reading through all the comments helped me remember how important all those creative moments were to us as children. How these memories formed our passion for creating. I want to be the adult that my children and their friends write about some day on a giveaway blog post.

On our blog today, we shared some of the memories that people wrote about. Along with the comments, we included Pinterest Boards of the craft project being described. I know that I feel inspired to create some during the summer months with my kids. I hope you do too.

The Giveaway Question:

Question: Do you have childhood memories of making fun art projects over the summer months? Maybe you created something with a camp counselor or with a parent during a summer road trip? If so, what is your favorite memory from that time?

Becky’s Nature Play in Alaska

“I was born the 7th of 8 children to a middle class family in Southeast Alaska. My childhood summers were spent with my brothers and sisters playing outdoors in the woods. I know that my love for the beauty of nature was rooted in that summer time play. We made our fort from an old bear den and spent hours making bedding and dishes from ferns, moss and leaves. And when it was raining too hard to go outdoors, we brought the outside in with us. We caught birds and released them into our house. That didn’t go over too well with my poor mother!” – Becky Nunn

Tie Dye & Spin Art:

“Summertime always equaled wearable art. We rocked the tie dye, assembled patchwork jean skirts and my favorite – bandana halter tops! But perhaps the most exciting craft was spin art – the thrill of choosing the colors and waiting for your creation to reveal itself when it finally stopped spinning – that was summertime and childhood!” – Merry Jo Thompson

Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets:

“I was obsessed with making embroidery floss friendship bracelets. The rule was all of the gals had to make a wish and tie it around her ankle with a bunch of knots. We couldn’t remove them ourselves, they had to break or fall off naturally. The last one to have her bracelet still on by the end of the summer would have their wish come true. Good times!!” – Heidi Walley

Dried Pressed Flowers:

“My fav memory is from my childhood when I would go out exploring nature with my aunt. We would pick wildflowers and then my uncle built me a flower press and we would press the flowers. Now I use press flowers in my craft – so it really shaped my business, even!” –  Jennifer White

70’s Found Art Creations:

“As an only child left to my own devices in the 70’s, I would make jewelry, trinkets, and talismans with anything I could fine – yarn, string, parts of hangers, putting pennies on railroad tracks, bird feathers. It was comforting yet satisfying to create, and then to be able to carry & wear, and gift, those creations. That’s why I adore your collections – it evokes both memories, and excitement of the new.” – Lisa Peabody

Cardboard Dollhouse:

“My most fondest memory of my childhood summer was creating a dollhouse out of cardboard boxes! I would tape the dollhouse walls together after drawing the “wallpaper” designs. I even drew the fridge and furniture on the cardboard walls. It was a lot of fun and a wonderfully creative memory.” – Christine Hoke

Found Objects from the Forest:

“I taught a summer camp arts and craft class when I was 12 years old. We used found objects from the forest and riverbank. That’s how my passion started for creating beautiful things out of ordinary things. I love Nunn Designs because it allows me to access materials quickly to design in various mediums including found objects, clays, wood, gems.” – Rosalin Marte Smith

Circuit Board Jewelry:

“Summer of 1991, my Dad and I discovered a computer factory was dumping old circuit boards. We salvaged a few and at home took them apart to create jewellery components. Hours would pass, my dad teaching me to solder and basic wire work and time was lineated only by calls to come to eat lunch / dinner. One of the happiest summer memories.” – Ruth Ribeaucourt

Seed Art:

“My Mom entered crop art to the MN State Fair. She made amazing corn husk dolls. We worked on seed art, creating pictures by gluing various seeds onto wooden backgrounds. I think my art usually included Snoopy in some way:)” – Lizzie Renville

Pin Cushions:

“I do have a summer project which I cherish both for its memories and it’s creativity. It is a pin cushion made from strings and random stuffing material made in the art cabin during a two week camp summer stay in upstate New York in the early 70s. It is weaved of string on top with a piece of fabric sewn on the bottom in the shape of a heart. Each time I open my sewing box and hold that youthful creation I can hear Lucky and Ms. Trish gathering the Chippewa cabin girls for all the adventures we were to experience at Camp Oneeta. It among all my 60 years of memories are some of the most vivid recollections…. Joy!
I’m always so excited to receive your emails … they put me in the mood to drop everything and start snipping wire!” Carol Viggiano

And The Winner Is…

Thank you for your comments and entries. So, who is the lucky winner? After assigning all the comments a number and using a random number generator, the random winner picked is…Carol Viggiano! Congratulations!

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