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Lately I have been totally enamored with crochet jewelry. My interest peaked a couple years ago while at the Tucson To Be True Blue Show where I picked up a few basics to get me started. Since then, I have explored a wee bit and am still gaining my confidence. It is super easy to do the basics, but like all things, I need to practice and take the time to explore. Here is some inspiration that I have found for myself to keep me motivated and moving forward with the possibilities.


Aren’t these just to die for! Such beauty. Such delicate bits of yumminess!

Boho turquoise crochet pendant  by Anabelia

Anabelia has some beautiful inspiration on her blog.


The Etsy artist behind Slash Knots knows oh too well about the hot trend of boho-chic crocheting! I love how she is incorporating pendants on these two samples.


Maria Joao Ribeiro of Portugal is creating some beautiful jewelry! Visit her Etsy site, Kjoo to see!


The key is keeping it on trend with shape, color and beads. Anthropologie’s designers know just how to do this!


Can you stand it!! Aren’t these just so adorable!!


I would love to see some of these crocheted stones by Resurrection Fern made into a necklace. These are stunning!


You have heard me gush over 3 Divas Studio before…she is going to think I’m stalking her! But, I can’t help but bring your attention to this Etsy artist’s work. She has really got her finger on the pulse of hip and cool!!!

Learn How!

Making Beaded Jewelry has a simple tutorial showing the beginning basics of how to crochet jewelry. I like that she used really big beads and yarn in her tutorial. It shows the basics, and you can take it from there.

[youtube][/youtube] This site has many videos teaching the basics of crocheting.


Maya Kuzman of Sewella has some beautiful crocheted patterns on her Etsy site.


Holly, on Holly Doll has a fun looking crochet pattern cuff that you can purchase.

I’ve got to go! I’ve inspired myself into a tizzy! Time to go get a practicing!!!

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12 thoughts on “Crochet Jewelry Inspiration

  1. Wanda says:

    Becky, these crocheted jewelry designs that you selected as inspiration are absolutely fabulous! The designs are better than most of those that I’ve seen in the many books that I own on how to crochet jewelry. Thanks for including a link to my tutorial on how to crochet bead jewelry.

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