Design Sponge’s 4 Part Series on Starting a Business

I have enjoyed reading Grace Bonney’s essays and blog for years on Design Sponge. Recently I came across a four part series Grace did in partnership with Weebly that I think you would be interested in.

Grace breaks down the series of posts about Launching Your Online Business into 4 parts.

Part 1: Finding Inspiration + Motivation to Start!

Part 2: What To Do (and Know) Before you Launch!

Part 3: How to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Part 4: What To Do After Your Business in Live!

I hope that you find some of these tidbits of information helpful!

If you are interested in articles like this series, you might also be interested in this series of posts that I featured earlier this year titled: Learn About the Nunn Design Process For Product Development.

Developing products that sell takes a discipline of moving through the 3 stages of product development: Exploration, Elimination and Execution. If you feel discouraged because what you created didn’t “work”, it might be due to one of these 3 stages needing a bit more product development tweaking.

Let us know!

What other types of support/business articles would you be interested in reading?

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