Everyone Wins!

To all that participated in our Glass Keepsake Pendant Giveaway last week, we appreciate you taking the time to write such heartfelt comments about what you would do with your pendant.  We want to see all those thoughts and musings become actual pieces of art and will be sending you each a Glass Keepsake Pendant.  Everyone wins!

If you would, please make your Glass Keepsake Pendant and email us a photo of your creation to becky@nunndesign.com.  We will post them on our blog for everyone to see.

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3 thoughts on “Everyone Wins!

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    What a sweet delight! I read what Becky wrote about creativity and it totally resonated with me. We are all called to be creative, but we often lose our way or we see what others have done with their God-given creativity and we sense that we have failed because we aren’t called to be creative in exactly the same way. I enjoyed reading the comments and most what the winning commenter had to say. Such a poignant tribute. I am delighted that I will have the chance to share something special with these cool components. Thank you Nunn Designs!

    Enjoy the day!

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