Flash Sale Ornate Oval Adjustable Ring


Nunn Design is excited about providing our customers with weekly Flash Sales. Flash Sales will post weekly on Wednesday at 12:00 am and run through Thursday at 11:59 pm. A full 48 hours to shop while supplies last. Each week we will post new items. Maybe we will ‘Flash’ something vintage, maybe a limited prototype test run, or maybe overstock for a great deal that you just can’t pass up. So make sure to set your clocks, for it is first come, first served!

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July 30th and 31st, we “Flash” to you our Ornate Oval Adjustable Ring. These rings were designed and produced, but never released into the Nunn Design Product Line. This is an exclusive Nunn Design Offer and not stocked at this time anywhere else.


Ornate Oval Adjustable Ring

The shank for this ring is stamped from raw brass and thoroughly cleaned prior to being soldered onto the lead-free cast pewter Ornate Oval Bezel. Rings are plated in .999 fine silver, 24k gold and copper. All aspects of this ring’s production happen right here in the United States. Each ring is available in a limited quantity.

  • This sale includes 2 rings in a set.
  • The inside dimensions of this bezel is 18.3 x 13.1 x 3mm.
  • Our pg18o-b fits this bezel perfectly.

Currently in the Nunn Design Product Line we offer our Ornate Large Oval and our Ornate Small Oval. The Ornate Adjustable Ring is similar in look and falls in the middle size-wise.

To shop our Flash Sale wholesale: Ornate Oval Adjustable Ring

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