Giveaway! Vintage goodness.

Junking is one of my all time favorite things to do.  I love the hunt for the treasure that await me. I have enjoyed using many of these treasures in our photo shoot this week. Here is a tasteful heap of vintage goodness to WIN.

Like us on Facebook and post a comment here telling us what it is that you love about the treasures in this week’s giveaway.  One lucky winner will be selected from blog comments and notified on June 3rd!

Good luck!


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33 thoughts on “Giveaway! Vintage goodness.

  1. Cathie Carroll says:

    It looks like the backseat of my car after a trip to barn sale; a beautiful array of treasures.

    I can see the cut glass bowls used to show off heaps of rings, and the tray draped with pearl bracelets and necklaces.

    I especially love the still life of old roses. The patina of age on the frame and the soft colors of the flowers are a perfect addition to a vintage display.

  2. Susan Klement says:

    Oh, my! That ivory hand is phenomenal. I’m sure it would make your findings look even more wonderful.

  3. Jeannie says:

    I love “junking” but am sometimes hesitant to use my “treasures” in a piece! I hate to part with them!

  4. Dawn Priestley says:

    Wow – what wonderful treasures. Junking is so much fun. I love combing through antique stores, unfortunately where I live there are none. 🙁

    Love the cut glass bowl, can see lots of uses for that. And that painting would be gorgeous in a bedroom!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Love the new displays as well!

  5. Anne Betenson says:

    Love the painting. The tray I would use as a background for my jewelry photography. The crystal bowl to display my tiles and the spools are very cool1 Not sure how I would use them. I might display rings and bracelets in some way using the ivory hand. Thanks for sharing these georgeous things! Anne.

  6. Kyle says:

    I love items that were obviously well loved and taken of and like to imagine the owner and how they were used. I like to enjoy them for awhile, then give them to someone else to pass on the enjoyment!

  7. Ann Rishell says:

    I love the ivory hand! I would use it in a pendant with some wonderful seed beads. The plate looks like some my grandmother had. Estate sales are my favorite pass time.

  8. Dorylyn says:

    I, and I know I am not alone, was junkin before junkin was cool! I love the mix of items shown. So unexpectedly vintage goodness!

  9. Susie Land says:

    Ooooooh, I love to see other peoples treasure finds!
    And I’m always a sucker for those gold framed pictures, the roses are especially lovely….
    Does junking mean buying or picking in others people’s trash? I love it either way!

  10. Suzie says:

    I am very excited to bring Nunn Designs to my bead shop! I use a lot of antique items for display now and these babies will just add to the beauty! Especially to display Nunn materials! Thanks ! Suzie

  11. SHERYL BAKER says:

    I love vintage items because they speak volumes about the past, a simple piece from yesteryear can say so much by truly looking at it, and seeing how it is made is one example

  12. Nilene Thompson-Finn says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these treasures!

    Beyond their obvious display opportunities, we get a chance to touch history! When I pick up a well used and worn item at a flea market or tag sale I can’t help but wonder who owned it, how did “they” come by it, and how did they use it? I feel like a link in a chain. If the treasure speaks to me and I buy it, I continue its history…

    That’s pretty amazing when you think of it!

  13. Jenny Davies-Reazor says:

    Sometimes I feel the need to go “junking”. More than a craving, more like a fix! These treasures are great! The dish used in a jewelry display, the bobbins wound with recycled sari fibers, sitting pretty on the jewelry work table… I am a mixed media artist, and in addition to my wearables, I build shrines. That is where the hand would go, definitely!!! Awaiting the winning email with anticipation…;-)

  14. Jamie North says:

    LOVE Nunn Design findings and components and have been using them a lot lately with Crystal ClayTM and am adding them for sale on my site.

    The components in this photo have fabulous potential for displaying finished jewelry … and I have a huge love affair going on with bowls!! Have had for years … not sure what it is, but a woman can never have too many bracelets, earrings or bowls! This photo looks like it has TWO bowls in it! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  15. anna toler frazier says:

    I love the little hand I have a small collection that stared with Moma’s little white porcelain hand ash tray. The cut glass reminds me of all the hunts my daughter and went on to collect her now huge collection of sandwich glass, that she now uses in her kitchen

  16. Carolee says:

    Thanks Becky, What a nice offer. I’d love the little hand. I tried to make a sculpture of my own hand to use to display my (our) jewelry, but one of the fingers broke off. Love the face book page, too. So glad to know about it.

  17. Tammy Tutterow says:

    I love, love, love that little hand! I collect hand figures like that and fill my crafty space with them. I think I am drawn to them because of the folk symbol of the heart in the hand. I try to include that spirit in all that I hand craft.

  18. Robin says:

    Wow, what a lovely group of treasures. I love, love, love the little hand and can see it as part of what I call a “Story Necklace.” The beautiful cut glass bowls are just begging to be filled with goodies of all kinds, and I have some vintage lace and ribbons who’d love to wrap themselves around those awesome wooden spools. Thank you so much for such a delightful opportunity.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Where do I begin? My whole house looks like this. Now that I think of it, my whole life looks like this. I use vintage fabrics, beads, lace, et cetera in my work. I adore the symbolism of the hand. The display pieces would be perfect for my work! Okay, I will be honest – I will truly treasure what I win!

  20. Felicia says:

    I’m a thrift store junkie, love this sort of stuff but can’t really say why. I use a lot of oddball things in my mosaics. This just looks like a fun pile of treasures.

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    My 23 year old Grandson still cringes when I drive near a dumpster…LOL…but I have a thing for frames and vintage doll body parts, I make jewelry and lamps out of them, creepy, yes, but fun…OH YEAH!!! The hand calls to me, glad I found your blog!


  22. Gina Louthian-Stanley says:

    I adore Nunn designs, but I also love the vintage romantic look of these treasures. I am attracted to them because they remind me of time gone by. Time spent with my grandmother, the beauty of antique crystal, and the hand seems to be reaching into that past to hold on to the memory. Thank you for posting the giveaway.

  23. Mary Lingert says:

    I love everything vintage
    I use pieces in my jewelry and displays
    I love the hunt
    I like to think about where a vintage piece
    has been and how many people over the years
    have had the pleasure of owning it and loving it as I do

  24. Emily Miller says:

    I love the old and dusty, especially when I can reuse! the spools I would wind with new-to- me ribbon and the bowls are great project gatherers….I like old pictures too, and love to photograph on them……good stuff.

  25. suki says:

    Hello little tray under all those other wonderful goodies, no one has noticed you, but my hunting eyes were able. You have a twin friend here at my house, who holds the salt, pepper and small rock collection on our breakfast table. Small hand, everyone loves you, it’s clear. I too would love you and hold you dear. Old spools, I think you would look nice with some baker’s twine hanging around your neck, and cut glass bowls are perfect for craft sales with Nunn Design rings hanging out for people to buy if I’ve got any luck. And wonderful floral with a pretty gold frame, you would look amazing in my mother’s beach cottage. She has a huge love of roses, and about her I feel the same.

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