Gratitude Giveaway #1! Retail Value of $160.00!


We all have a lot to be grateful for. Some studies show that giving thanks can actually make you happier.*

As a way of giving thanks to all of our Nunn Design Customers, we will be offering a Gratitude Giveaway once a week during the month of November. Each week we will have a different question that we’d love for you to ponder. By leaving your reply on our blog, you will be entered to win that week’s giveaway.

* I loved this article by the Harvard Medical School:

Gratitude Giveaway #1 Question

Do you have a mentor or teacher who inspired your creative spirit so greatly that you will forever be in gratitude for their kindness? If you cannot think of a mentor or teacher, what qualities would you want in a mentor or teacher?

Enter to win this week’s Gratitude Giveaway
(retail value of $160.00!):

  • Answer this week’s Gratitude Giveaway question in the comment section of this blog post telling us:Do you have a mentor or teacher who inspired your creative spirit so greatly that you will forever be in gratitude for their kindness? If you cannot think of a mentor or teacher, what qualities would you want in a mentor or teacher?
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Contest ends November 15th, 2015 at 11:59pm. The lucky winner will be drawn at random and notified on November 16th, 2015.

Here is a list of all of the goodies that are included in this giveaway!

  • Channel Bead Large
  • Channel Bead Medium
  • Channel Bead Medium Long
  • Channel Bead Small
  • Crest Pendant Shield
  • Framed Pendant Large Circle Sng
  • Glass Keepsake Pendant
  • Grande Pendant Oval Single Loop
  • Itsy Bottle & Top Channel
  • Large Locket Beaded
  • Large Pendant Circle
  • Large Pendant Circle Open
  • Large Pendant Heart
  • Mini Link Dbl Square
  • Mini Link Sng Circle
  • Mini Link Sng Circle
  • Mini Link Single Long Rectangle
  • Ornate Grande Brooch Cir
  • Ornate Mini Pendant Cir Sng
  • Raised Pendant Small Circle Sing
  • Small Locket Plain

Once you win the loot, here are some pieces that you could create!


Best of luck to everyone!

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91 thoughts on “Gratitude Giveaway #1! Retail Value of $160.00!

  1. Nancy Nearing says:

    I love your products and am always thrilled to have a chance to win a freebie! Your ornament hooks were just the little oomph I needed for my main product line, and I am having great fun experimenting with your post earring findings. Every time I come to your page, I find something new that I just “need” to try. I tweeted and reposted to both my business and personal Facebook pages….

    And my inspiring teacher is Leslie Blackford – Just being in a room with her seems to charge my creative batteries! The first time I had a workshop with her, she made sculpture accessible – in one fell swoop. She is amazingly generous with her discoveries, techniques, energy, and time – always willing to take time at a retreat to give a refresher, always full of genuine praise for her students. Two weeks ago, she shared her latest technique for making birch logs – they will appear shortly in my ornaments for this year.

    You can see her work at

  2. Jan Pogue says:


    I have loved the art of design since I was a small child. When in high school, my art teacher was Mr. Glass. I had taken art courses/training before, but he brought new inspirations to the classroom. One of my favorite assignments was the creation of textile art. I wove a picture of a sailboat from fabric scrapes, branches, cork, etc. Mr. Glass passed away several years ago and I remember him fondly as an instructor who encouraged you to think outside the box. I suppose that’s why I incorporate interesting components in my jewelry design and never repeat a design :-). Thanks for posting this give-away contest !

  3. Cindy Goldrick says:

    I have several mentors that I am grateful to. In business, the late Catherine Keachie taught me how to be a great leader and team member. In jewellery, Marilyn Gardiner has shown me how to be creative, classy and a good teacher. I’m inspired every day by another generous friend and mentor, Brenda Schweder.

  4. Marissa W. says:

    My 2nd grade teacher was the catalyst that started my creativity. She really made me feel more confident (for an 8yr old!). I became a lot more social in her class and came out of my shell. That’s when I started drawing more and being more creative. I’ll never forget her and will always be thankful – almost 30yrs later!!

  5. Anne Marie Desaulniers says:

    Yes, but it was a fibre teacher. She introduced me to the possibilities of blending many different techniques, into one single piece. As a mixed up media artist, and instructor, I like to think that I’m carrying on the tradition.

  6. Christina Martyk says:

    Cindy Goldrick has the most amazing approach to teaching! She shares her knowledge, time and resources with excitement!

  7. Kate Hardy says:

    I’m grateful to say that I’ve been teaching visual arts for close to 20 years now, in the public schools. As a struggling student in my childhood days, I had no reading comprehension. The middle school teachers kept me from my science classes, but much in my favor, they had the sense to keep me in art and woodshop classes! Art was my only strength and art kept me on a successful path throughout high school. My gratitude goes towards every teacher in my path who allowed me to create a hands-on project to communicate my learning. They tapped into my strength and helped me succeed! Now I’m passionate about inspiring creativity in my students, especially those who struggle in reading!

  8. Colleen Ewart says:

    37 years ago my Grandmother, a silversmith, put a pair of pliers in my hands! I was 6 years old! It began with pliers and a spool of copper wire! I wanted to do everything she was doing, play with all the tools she was using. She had spinning wheels, steaming pots, and flames! How cool was that! As I got older she introduced me to hammers and metal stamps, files and saws, beads… I can still remember my excitement at learning to solder and use the torch, I was about 12 or so. I still have that pair of earrings! My grandmother was a lifelong learner and every time I went to visit she shared that with me. I tried enameling, learned to cab stones, we even took a faceting workshop and learned to facet amethysts. My Grandmother gave me a profound gift and although she has been gone for over 10 years, she continues to inspire me and my creativity everyday when I walk through my studio doors!

  9. Lisa Arceneaux says:

    My grandmother inspired me as a young child. She was a master crafter. She could do anything. Sewing was her favorite…In the 60’s she was ahead of the times. She would sew and had a dress shop in her house. She also sold other items in her home. Now I make pieces of jewelry and sell out of my home. I see something in this freebie kit that I’ve been dying to try. Hope I win it.

  10. Belinda says:

    I’ve never been able to take any classes but if I could I would like a teacher who is patient and doesn’t try to rush through. I would like someone who takes the time to not only show you how to do it, but explains why to do it that way. This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Jill Lewis says:

    My mentor and inspiration is my mom. She has taught me endless life lessons through her volunteer work, kindness to others and love of learning. Over the past two decades she has volunteered for a nationwide creative problem solving program for kids. Through this she has taught me about generosity, patience and hard work. Currently she teaches a free beading class every week at a local school open to the community. The overwhelming interest in due in large part to her love and passion for helping others. She has given me all the tools I need to be an amazing wife, mother, aunt and all around person and for that I am forever grateful.

  12. Connie Carnes says:

    My mom was my greatest mentor and teacher. She was always willing to let me try almost anything, when I was young, and was always excited about helping me with any new project I tried.

  13. Sandra Ferhad says:

    My mentor is my beloved boyfriend who is a full time musician and also a talented sketch artist. When I became chronically ill, he inspired me to not only leave my day job to take better care of myself but he supported me to follow my passion in jewellery making. He always encourages me to keep going and to invest my time in art and creativity. I am too ill to attend classes or to get out there and sell my pieces, still he shows me the way and believes in me and helps me make my dreams come true 🙂 I am forever grateful!

  14. Becki Coffman says:

    My inspiration was from Ana Tucker who encouraged me to take classes at The Shepherdess eons ago and I was smitten ! She continues to be the one to nudge my creativity ?

  15. Elissa says:

    My mentor is Christi Friesen! She inspires me everyday.
    her workshops are a lot of fun and she shares so much energy.
    She is mainly a sculptor, but she does create a lot of sculptural jewelry using Nunn Design items.

  16. Patty Rattan says:

    My mother, now 88, was my mentor for creativity. Because we could not afford “fancy” things when I was growing up, she would buy plain items and embellish them with lace, embroidery, rhinestones, etc. to make them beautiful. She sewed everything from baby clothes to prom dresses to my entire wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, ring bearer, flower girl clothes and “going away” ensemble. Because of her, I now “embellish” everything and turn thrift items into treasures by doing exactly what she has always done. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of remembering all the attributes she passes on to me and my sister of her creativity!

  17. Laura Towsse says:

    Bobbie Barnhart taught me to explore art, to try new things, and to find joy on color. She was a livesaver to this shy quite kid. Facebook follow and shared.

  18. Karen says:

    Many many mentors! It started young with my aunt, teaching me to make doll clothes on a snowy day at the cabin…with my fiber I have a mentor and friend that inspires me daily, she taught me to spin, and I have been nonstop ever since. But I have to mention a small group I am a part of-we meet once a month and everyone shares-all teaching and mentoring each other-it gets us revved up and inspires us to try new and exciting things! love on facebook!

  19. Lisa says:

    My elementary art teacher, Mrs. Parks, is the one who inspired me to pursue what I loved – art. She was always encouraging instead of critical and pushed me to push myself. She made art fun and her class is what first got me truly passionate about creating. She also gave me the confidence I needed. She talked me into entering my art into a contest and I won, which helped encourage me more. I am forever indebted to her!

  20. Melissa says:

    I had a class with Susan Lenart Kazmer that was wonderful. I loved looking at all her work and she was very generous with ideas, concepts, and techniques.

  21. Lori Pearl says:

    What a great question! I love your products and so do my customers! I’d have to say I have 2 mentors. My first mentor is my mom who is an interior designer and passed her creative juices down to me. My second mentor is my jewelry biz partner who started me on this creative journey. I follow your blog, Facebook, Twitter fan! I will also pin this article! Thank you for your inspirational designs!

  22. June Parker says:

    First of all, I love Nunn Design products! I had collected beads, vintage jewelry, etc. in the hopes of one day learning to make jewelry. A friend of mine had gone to Texas to visit with family there. She had just recently been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, which had of course saddened all of us. She was a young mother, in her early 30’s, of two. The oldest being 7. When she came back from Texas, she shared some jewelry that she & others had made while there. I was so excited to see the bracelets that I decided it was time for me to learn. So with her encouragement & instruction, which I often needed, I began making jewelry. I loved it & it has been my passion since. I still have to make time to do it, but my head is constantly spinning with ideas & designs! When I sit down at my work table, I always think of my friend, who fought for her life for over 10 years, until she passed 2 1/2 years ago. I have shared on Facebook.

  23. Sharon Rice says:

    My mentor was my great aunt, she exposed me to much higher places than I would have ever gone on my own. She brought out the creative side that no one else in the family could. She passed many years ago but I will be forever great full for the nurturing and mentoring she gave me when I was young. I am the person I am today because of her.

  24. Joan says:

    Okay, yes! I have to say that Becky Nunn and Nunn Design are my inspired teachers!!! I am so excited That I could burst of what I am learning and have learned from following Nunn Designs blogs, tutorials, inspirational projects, & new products! My mind has been opened and creativity is flowing nonstop! I am creating & venturing out in incredible ways I never new possible! I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I am sure hundreds of followers have to feel this way too! I am inspired by the nurturing spirit of Nunn Design and how supportive of not only Nunn’s products but of other products & businesses! I feel this melding & sharing which inspires me even more of not just in creating jewelry but in giving & sharing kindness to others! Thank you team Nunn for all you have & are giving me!

  25. Becky Kiesel says:

    I am grateful for my high school art teacher who introduced me to jewelry making using the centrifugal casting method. He split the class into groups according to what we wanted to explore. This opportunity was unique and life changing.

  26. Jean Martin says:

    I’ve had several good teachers, but the best inspiration has come from my “beading buddy” Jeanine. She has encouraged me to try different bead stitches and techniques. Her influence has expanded my creativity and abilities more than I ever imagined.

  27. Sharon Rice says:

    My great aunt taught me to be creative, caring, and inquisitive about life. She was a artist in every way and she exposed me to the arts and all the things that would develop my creative personality. I will be forever great full for the mentoring that she gave me at a very early age. She helped develop my personality and the caring person I am today. My thanks go out to her and to all the mentors in the world.

  28. Lynne goodwin says:

    too many mentors to count, but I think my mom was the person who always encouraged me to do crafting, jewelry making and other fiber arts.
    shared on FB, liked you on FB

  29. Caroline G. says:

    Peg J is my mentor. I love taking her classes and taking part in the creative process. Very inspiring! I follow Nunn on FB and I subscribe to the blog. Thank you!

  30. Kathie says:

    I would have to say the people at Vitrum Studios. They inspire me to be creative and not make something like all the rest of the people in the class.

  31. Lynda Carson says:

    I was very lucky to have a generous, knowledgeable staff at my local bead store when I was starting out. The owner in particular, Laura, always made time to answer my every question and help me problem solve on projects I was working on. I try to do the same with those I meet who are starting out…Pass it on! And thanks for this lovely give away!

  32. Leilani says:

    My mom is my mentor. She has always encouraged my creativity and crafting my whole life. She continues to create and try new things, even though she is “retired”. I follow on Facebook, Pinterest shared and a blog subscriber.

  33. Marcia Newquist says:

    I have a couple of friends who I feel are mentors even though they don’t know it. They are always encouraging me to expand my creativeness. Also, they are very interested in how I am doing with my art fairs and enjoy seeing my new pieces.

  34. Mary Morris says:

    My mother is my mentor. She has always encouraged me. When I started making volumes of jewelry, she paid for me to take part in my first church bazaar. I am so thankful that I am the lucky one to have her as my mom.
    I follow on Facebook and bloglovin.

  35. Jennifer L. says:

    Definitely my junior high (middle school) art teacher. He encouraged us to express ourselves freely through art and there were never any “wrong” ways to go about it.
    I actually think that the true lesson of that never sunk in until I grew older, but I’ve always appreciated the lessons he instilled.

  36. Michelle says:

    OMGosh, want a fun looking giveaway. I would so love to win and play with it. I just pinned this post and shared it on Facebook. I’m already a subscriber to your blog and newsletter and like your FB page. Have for quite some time now. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love your products!

  37. Carolyn M says:

    I did have a teacher in high school (Mr. Miera) who always encouraged me in my creative writing. I know it isn’t a craft but it was a form of creativity. He always would talk up my writing and turned one of my essays into a screenplay that the drama dept. actually used as a play. He helped me believe in myself and my writing. I went on to journalism school. I still carry those lessons into today as I try to launch my small business.

  38. Karen Bell says:

    I’m so inspired by one of my yoga teachers – her name is Desi. Her heart-based way of teaching inspires me to connect to my spirit, which I also think is the key to connecting to your creativity. 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  39. Julene Hansen says:

    My mom has always inspired be to be creative. She has always painted and crafted and cut he own wood on the bandsaw. She does it all!

  40. Donnell Pasion says:

    I feel an inspiring mentor needs to be enthusiastic about what they teach. A patient, positive, and encouraging teaching approach is also important as well as being generous in the information that is shared. I love your products and hope I win your giveaway!

  41. Carrie Grabowicz says:

    Great giveaway. You all are so generous. As far as mentor’s go…I would have to say that there are so many great artists that I emulate. Becky, you are one of them. I love to look at your creative pieces or art and it gives me ideas and inspiration. I am so very inspired by Gaea of Gaea designs and also Nina Designs. There are so many creative people out there. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. Terry says:

    My great mentor/teacher/inspiration is my mother. Long ago, when I was a child, she introduced me (and my siblings) to arts and crafts of all types. Ultimately, most of my siblings went in more for athletics and “practical” activities, but Mother encouraged my every glimmer of creativity and arranged special lessons with local school teachers when such lessons weren’t normally available. She supplied me with art books and supplies, and she encouraged me to experiment with different media. She proudly showed off the things I created.The small town we lived in had little in the way of any kind of arts resources, but Mother encouraged me (and my siblings) to look outside our local environment and let my creative juices flow.

  43. priscilla lane says:

    Carol Simmons, polymer clay genius in my opinion, taught me so much about both design and color-mixing. I will always be in her debt.

  44. Linda Stiles Smith says:

    Several people in my life have mentored me in various ways and at different times. The most memorable was my older brother, David. Although he is gone now, he was always proud of my accomplishments and encouraged me to stay with my artistic pursuits. He never took a lot of credit for his artwork, but instead said that his life was worth something if he touched just one person’s life and made it better. He made mine better and I have worked to be the same kind of person he was.

  45. Carol Grubba says:

    My mother encouraged creativity in me from a very young age. She was mostly a fiber artist but let me walk my own path in whatever I chose to do. There were always craft supplies in the house and if we didn’t have what I needed, we would get them and get inspiration along the way. I lost her early on but continued to create, explore and learn from some very good instructors, mostly at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. I sometimes feel her guidance when I set out to try something new and I’m never afraid to try something new…I just wish she was still around to see how far I’ve come with her early encouragement.

  46. Lizzie Renville says:

    My parents really nutured our artistic abilities when I was growing up. Carving pumpkins, making gingerbread houses and coloring Easter eggs were huge projects at our house. My mother would save bits and pieces of packaging, fabric, paper, yarn and anything else interesting that crossed her path and put all of these treasures in a box. On rainy days, my Mom would get out the box and we would make art projects. This may explain why I love it when it rains and why I have a green business. I make upcycled jewelry and have recently been adding Nunn Design components to my work. I love the handcrafted look of Nunn products and think they compliment my eclectic upcycled jewelry. I really like the blog, I think it’s relevant, on trend and inspiring.

  47. Ann Schroeder says:

    I will be forever grateful to my parents for many things, and one of them is showing me that creativity can be part of everyone’s life. They were always trying new art projects when we were growing up. We still all create things – and have full family craft project days! My mom and I are going to try crystal clay for the first time over the holiday. One of the things we are each going to make is a crystal and ball chain rectangular itsy charm from Becky Nunn’s tutorial! Being creative together is loads of fun. Thanks for the focus on gratitude and for the giveaway.

  48. Paula Michalowski says:

    Wow, I have to go back to high school where I actually had several teachers in the art department. We had a publication called L’Atelier in which I was encouraged to both draw and write for. They were a great group of teachers.

  49. linda says:

    I’d say the folks at my LBS. They were SO encouraging when I first started to learn different techniques. They gushed over my work and pushed me to keep challenging myself.

  50. Stephanie Gard Buss says:

    Ok, at the risk of sounding like I’m kissing up, I would like to say that Becky Nunn has been a great mentor to me. When she chose me for her Innovation Team years ago, her belief in my abilities was contagious! She constantly challenges me to try new things in my work and celebrates my successes with joy. She has gotten my work published more times than I can count and always inspires me with new products. And, she is an excellent advisor on work/life balance and nurturing creativity. Thanks, Becky!

  51. Bridget says:

    I had an art teacher in elementary school that helped me appreciate my creativity. Her name was Ms. Soda! I can still remember egg cartons filled with tempera paints, sticking little globs of tissue paper onto construction paper with dabs of paste, sheets of newsprint. I still love it all!

  52. Diane Vander Hyde Moser says:

    I never had a mentor, things a would appreciate would be;
    A person well versed in the academics of art but with a childlike spirit, Someone who can teach me to reach the full potential of my vision.
    Thank-you for this give-away. I am grateful for a chance to win.

  53. Lori Aguirre says:

    One of my favorite mentors is Terri Brush @Terri Brush Designs .com. I followed her for several years before I was able to attend one of her art camps. She is so talented and creative, but she is also so generous. She shares and teaches those talents with generosity, sharing ideas and detail. Like she says it’s all been done before, but not by you. Each and everyone has their own special touch that goes in to a piece that gives it that unique personality. She has given me the courage to try new things for myself and to share with my customers. Pushing that creative button to go beyond my comfort zone and create for myself, not for what is trending, and in return have found others love it as much as I do.

  54. Linda Carter says:

    Our home was always strewed with art supplies; crayons, paint, chalk, charcoal, paper…and lots of glue. I am so blessed to have had two parents who loved art and made sure we had plenty of supplies for making “stuff.” My father’s metal shop supplied me with lots of scraps and objects for creating objects of beauty…and I was selling my art in grade school…kept me well funded for the penny candy store. It was always fascinating to watch my parents effortlessly create a drawing…my father loved pencil. My mother love acrylics and oil and her favorite subject was clowns…and the serious side of the subjects. My parents were both musicians as well and each of us took up an instrument so our life was full of creativity with discipline. My mom used to tell us to let our heart speak through our hands and eyes. I thank them for encouraging this talent in me…it has brought me much joy and an endless list of things I want to still create.

  55. Merry Jo Thompson says:

    This answer is easy! My mother is my teacher and mentor. She started me on my life’s path when she first taught me to embroider and then cross stitch at 8 years old. The Christmas ornaments I created on felt then still decorate my tree today! Though my medium has changed and it is jewelry I love to create; the skills and patience my mother taught are with me today. Her sense of color and style are the gifts she passed on to a very young and impressionable mind. This would be a wonderful package to work with – fingers crossed!!

  56. Honey S says:

    My grandmother! My grandmother grew up in the depression and learned that she could re-purpose anything into something beautiful. She would turn milk tops into dollhouse cakes, repaint plastic dollhouse furniture and turn it into something beautiful. She taught me a new way of looking at everyday objects including trash.

  57. Pamela Olson says:

    My great aunt was a Nun and she was a wonderful artist who I was always so inspired by. She could draw any picture with such ease, something I can not do but I am greatful for the skills I have acquired over the years.

  58. Janet Kornegay says:

    In my family, everyone is a Maker or artist or crafter or all of the above. I think my parents were both good models of pursuing your passions for creativity while also juggling work and family, but especially my mom. When she retired she was the Oregon State Fire Marshal, and also the president of her Calligraphy Guild. She is always encouraging of my latest creative pursuit.

    The other main inspiration I draw from is seeing all the creativity in overs via media – magazines, books, and especially all the content on the Internet. Endless sources!

  59. tobey shepehrd says:

    I think that my first mentor was my mother, she did a lot of crafty things, and encouraged that with me……when I started stamping, back in the 80s, I took lessons with Suze Weinberg and Denami… I get inspiration for my jewelry from your blog, and continued inspirations from Suze, and my friends………

    I do follow your blog and like you on FB……off to tweet and FB a shout out for you!!

  60. S Hanson says:

    My mom is my mentor/inpsiration. She taught us to sew, and stitch, and many other crafts. There were always craft projects going on in our house.

  61. Kathy Hast says:

    I am very grateful for my first jewelry teacher Adina DeRoy-Stouffer. I had my first class with her 10 years ago at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. She was very generous with all her jewelry making knowledge and did not guard her “secrets” like some teachers do. She taught us all she knew and encouraged us to think outside the box while designing pieces.

  62. Karen Kyffin says:

    My mother, Doris Kyffin, was and is my creative source. She is a potter and has been throwing over 50 years and is darn good at it. Her ability to conceptualize the finished product and to transform a mound of clay into a unique piece is amazing. Her talented eye, sense of style and class revealed themselves over the years as she explored drawing and painting. She also exhibited excellent style and skill as she decorated our homes. She sewed nearly all my clothes, curtains and drapes for our home and even smocked pillows. I could go on but suffice it to say, she knows her stuff. Amazingly, as I write this on November 13, 2015, she has spent her day loading her kiln for a firing…90 years old and BLIND!

  63. Angela Plager says:

    Most recently I have to say Kaska Firor, I have taken a number of classes with her and have really enjoyed learning how to play with wire weaving in new ways. I have been lucky and have had a number of wonderful teachers in jewelry and mixed media, they have all inspired me to explore and challenge myself.

  64. Carolina Saqueton says:

    I will always be grateful for my eldest sister. She’s always been very supportive of my creative designs. She is always appreciative of my jewelry gifts and wears them often. She was scrapbooking cards and letters in the 70’s when she was 13. Back then she called them memory books.

    My younger sister and I loved to color pages and draw pictures for her when we were young. She didnt have room on her walls so she let us display our artwork at the back of her door. When it got full, we could decide which one we would take down to make room for the new one. The door was evenly split down the middle so my other sis and i wouldnt fight for space. Each time we were done posting a new masterpiece we would close her door and all three of us would admire our work.

    My sister taught me that its thoughtfulness and kindness that people show that mean the most and both of those dont cost a thing but consideration and a little bit of your time.

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  66. Vicki Colburn says:

    I am grateful to Simona Svetzia and Monica Vinci, although I have never met either one. They taught me how to work with Shibori silk and embroider beautiful jewelry. They answered all my questions and cheered me on through difficult projects, congratulating me when I completed them using their methods. We used Google translator to communicate since they speak Italian and I speak English. They are the definition if ideal mentors.

  67. Penni chesmore says:

    After 16+ years of nursing I wanted to do a little something extra to bring light into peoples lives. I saw people suffering every day and even the smallest things made them happy. I took a metal clay class six years ago and part of that was hand stamping. I realized quickly how a cancer necklace or bracelet could lift spirits. I started with that line and soon it took off into other avenues so I just followed it. I would say my mentors have been the sick people who I have brought light into their lives with my personalized pieces. I have made necklaces for people dying on hospice that will be buried with them forever. They are all my inspiration, all of the people who are sick and need just that little something to lift their spirits that day. Nothing makes my life more complete than getting a response from the customer saying what you did brought a smile to their face. I’m forever grateful that I can use this talent in that way!

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