Gratitude Giveaway #2! Retail Value of $150.00!


Our mission here at Nunn Design is: Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity. It is a mission that all of us here at Nunn Design are grateful for. In order for us to inspire and nurture creativity, we have to be inspired and nurtured too!

As a way of giving thanks to all of our Nunn Design Customers for inspiring and nurturing our creativity, we are offering a Gratitude Giveaway once a week during the month of November. By leaving your reply on our blog, you will be entered to win this week’s giveaway.

Gratitude Giveaway #2 Question

How has your creativity been inspired and nurtured by Nunn Design?

Enter to win this week’s Gratitude Giveaway
(retail value of $150.00!):

  • Answer this week’s Gratitude Giveaway question on this linked blog post telling us: How has your creativity been inspired and nurtured by Nunn Design?
  • Earn extra entries if you like us on facebook, become or are a blog subscriber etc, please say so in the blog comments.
  • Earn extra entries if you do shout outs about this giveaway, share it on facebook or other social media, etc – those will count as additional entries too! Please say so in the blog comments.

Contest ends November 22nd, 2015 at 11:59pm. The lucky winner will be drawn at random and notified on November 23rd, 2015.

Here is a list of all of the goodies that are included in this giveaway!

  • Beadcaps Assortment: 13 kinds
  • Button Shanks
  • Cuff Bracelet Assortment
  • Deep Bezel Circles: 2 kinds
  • Deerskin Lace: 2 kinds
  • Hook & Eye Clasp Set
  • Itsy Link Assortment
  • Jumprings Assortment: 12 kinds
  • Leather Cord: 2 colors
  • Lobster Clasps Assortment: 8 colors/sizes
  • Mini Links: 3 kinds
  • Open Frames: 2 kinds
  • Ornate Flat Tags: 3
  • Ornate Grande Brooch
  • Ring Adjustable Lg Circle
  • Raised Tag Small Square
  • Screw Back Bezel Large
  • Toggle Ring and Toggle Bars: 2 kinds
  • Traditional Pendants: 2 kinds

Once you win the loot, here are some pieces that you could create!


Best of luck to everyone!

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69 thoughts on “Gratitude Giveaway #2! Retail Value of $150.00!

  1. Emily DeHaven says:

    New products = creativity. The thing I find most inspiring is that Nunn is always making new products. This helps fuel my eclectic design needs. Thank you for the products and the chance to win.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am inspired by the variety of offerings from Nunn Design. I like looking through the Gallery for ideas. I also enjoy Becky’s round-up of websites, showing different trends, and articles. I like petite findings/charms, so Nunn’s offerings fit right into my esthetic. I can also count on the quality of your offerings, knowing that they will not look chintzy in my designs. The components are different, and offer much detail that make my designs.

    For additional entries, I am a subscriber to your blog, and have liked you on Facebook.

  3. Heather Martin says:

    So, on January 9, 2015, at 6:00 am, my grandfather, who for me was to me more like a father, passed away from cancer. He was given 6 – 9 months and only made it 2 1/2 months. I was so lost, and broken and did not want to create any more, but then the following happened shortly after my grandpa passed away.

    Becky Nunn, the one and only, featured this article on this blog on January 23, 2015. The link is here if you are interested:

    I reached out to Becky and she was so helpful and caring. This is a hard post for me to write honestly, I am sitting here crying just doing so. For me, this article changed my life in so many ways. I was and still am to this day extremely grateful for Becky sharing this with us.

    That is how Nunn Design has inspired and nurtured me and my creativity this year alone, because of just one person caring, I didn’t give up because I felt broken and lost.

    I honestly don’t care if I win, I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful Nunn Design truly is not only with their products, but also with how they treat people, whether customers, or other artists or whatever, the whole team just cares.

    Thank you, Becky, again for everything you have helped me with this year and thank you, Dawn Sagar for sharing your experience and writing my favorite blog post of all times, Then There Was The Fruitcake.

    • beckynunn says:

      Wow! That is so very kind of you to take the time to write that! Everyone on the team has read it. It really provides us fuel to keep being the best company that we can be.

  4. laurie prophater says:

    The items I purchase from Nunn Design are perfect for my design aesthetic. Typically, I work in a rustic or primitive voice. The channel bangles are the perfect canvas for my work, as they create a spare element while conveying a feeling of stability and worth.

  5. Debbie Sackuvich says:

    My second jewelry project to ever make was with a Nunn design bezel ring and crystal clay. I was hooked! It’s my favorite piece to wear still and I get tons if compliments daily! You also helped me out with making my first piece for my son…personalized cuff links for his wedding! ?Love love love your products, ideas and inspiration …and customer service is amazing!

  6. Terry says:

    How could I not be inspired by the many wonderful products and designs featured in your blog. It’s a fabulous inspirational resource for me. Thank you for your generous sharing of images, not only from you and your company, but from many, many designers.

  7. Jean Martin says:

    The wide variety of Nunn Design products has opened endless possibilities and inspired my creativity. I’ve tried new techniques thanks to the selection of products offered. Thank you!

  8. Pamela says:

    I remmber the first time I met Becky, years ago in Port Townsend, she was just starting Nunn Design and I was teaching at Artfest and just beginning to understand all the wonderful and amazing art supplies available. I knew I loved Becky’s bezels and ideas the minute I saw them… and have loved and admired and used then many many times since that day!

  9. Linda Stiles Smith says:

    How has it not? I love that Nunn comes out with QUALITY finding and parts that make me proud to create my jewelry lines to sell, but that there is ALWAYS new inspiration coming from Becky and her staff to help me envision what I could do with those parts! Kudos Becky Nunn et al!

  10. Pam says:

    I am so happy I discover Nunn Design. I work with antique buttons and the pendants ,findings and chains all help to set off my work. I get so inspired each time I see all the new items you are always coming up with and would love to have 1 of each, or 5 ,10 … Love it all and your blog is so fun to read and Great customer service!

  11. Amber Walker says:

    I’m so grateful for the beautiful pieces from Nunn Designs! These charming little details make it easy for me to focus on my hand-painted elements. The collaboration allows me to bring a custom product to customers in a timely yet highly creative way. Thank you!

  12. Elissa says:

    I’m inspired by your blog all the time. the photos you post of other artists as well as your work to see how your products transform into beautiful designs. I did buy a few Buy and Try kits for myself and learning how to make it myself as well.
    and I love your etsy store! I bought a few things. love love love everything.

  13. Lisa says:

    The blog posts on other jewelry artist’s creations are always inspiring to me and I love them! I am also inspired by the tutorial’s on how to use your great components. I have not had time to create jewelry lately, but I pin the inspiring ideas to Pinterest so I can reference them whenever I need inspiration. I truly look forward to each post on your blog!

  14. Susan LeGuyader says:

    How does Nunn inspire me? Your products are both simple and complex. Allowing me, as a designer, a huge flexibility to explore any design that I can dream up.

  15. Kathy Klein says:

    There is such an array of elements available in the Nunn Design catalog, I would need many years to explore them all!! The varied shapes, sizes,colors and textures of the many ingredients make me create more interesting projects than I ever dreamed possible (-;
    I looked for a while for “quality” findings, and am so grateful to have such a fine resource I can depend on as an artist!

  16. Lynne goodwin says:

    I have yet to try Nunn products, but continue to look in awe at what they have and what other people do with these beautiful components. thanks for the chance to win this…

  17. Jill S says:

    I love Nunn charms and bezels, etc. I am just getting into do some leather projects. Nunn Designs is a great help. You have all the great pieces I need to do this. I love all the gallery pictures you share also. Great way to see the completed item and get the products from you and make them. Love all the inspirations you provide. Thanks

    • Jill S says:

      I also just like you on fb and signed up for your blog and started following you on Pinterest. I shared your fb page also. Thanks

  18. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    Variety + Quality = Possibilities
    There is such a range of products, in a great assortment of metals and patinas, plus a quality that is unrivaled which all makes for an impressive collection with Nunn Design. The pieces are striking and multi-faceted. I like the freedom of coming up with my own designs and not being bogged down with just one way to use a component. It never fails to encourage my creativity that there are unlimited ways to use your products. And I always love the gallery of work that you share from top designers and your loyal customers that really spark my imagination. Thank you for sharing your wonderful products in such an artfully creative way! Enjoy the day! Erin

  19. Linda Carter says:

    Although I have been designing jewelry for over 50 years (since I was 9) I am always looking for new ideas and things that get me out of my “box.” I work with vintage and antique bits and pieces and redesign them. When I tripped onto Nunn Designs…I became obsessed with all the possibilities to modernize my designs…learn to use new techniques and to even expand my style and still maintain my uniqueness. I really felt like I was getting a bit stale…or maybe it was bored…but finding these “products” has reignited my passion for jewelry design and bring my designs to a new and exciting level. Please keep bringing us new findings and such. I love this stuff!

  20. Susan Berk says:

    In the past few years I’ve bought Nunn Designs products, almost exclusively and it has helped my business more than I could ever have imagined. The array, and especially the quality fits me perfectly. That’s the one thing my customers always remark about. The quality. It has elevated my work and inspired my creativity. I am always excited to see what’s new! Shout out to Cheryl who is the best customer service person I’ve ever encountered. Thank you Nunn Designs, don’t know where I’d be without you.

  21. Cindy sampson says:

    Thank goodness for you blog and videos! They have kept me connected to something creative through a very dark year… I’m extremely grateful that you share these things with us. Thank you!!!!

  22. linda prais says:

    I have been inspired to try new designs and looks if fact I recently did a demo using your copper bracket cuff and it was extremely well received! Its fun to try new bezels and thing out of the typical finds in the pc world.
    BTW I love getting you blog feeds!

  23. Connie Mattos says:

    Oh my gosh, where do I begin?! I read every blog post, look in the gallery often, watch videos,etc. The latest Nunn Design inspirations for me have been crystal clay and resin. I have resisted working with these mediums, just not knowing where to begin. All the posts from the wonderful Nunn Design team gave me the courage to give them a try. So happy with the results! Every one of these pieces sold at my latest jewelry show. So Thank You all for your inspiration and support!

  24. Gillian Wright says:

    Nunn Design has inspired my work by the beauty of the components they make. I love the symbols used and the quality of the components. There is also so much to choose from and many ways to use what there is.

  25. Lori Anderson says:

    My life has changed thanks to your bezels. My son loves to draw and paint, and we were able, together, to put them under resin, and he sold them. In fact, we have some that he wants to work with now, but use glass frit and other mixed media bits to make them. Being able to share my love of jewelry-making with my son is worth everything to me.

  26. Terry Vaughn says:

    Swoon! Yes, Nunn Designs has helped pique my interest in new techniques such as resin, bezels, metal work. Nunn Designs helped get my creative juices going, and branch out from simply stringing beads. Love all these products.

  27. Michelle Barrell says:

    With the tutorials and website postings I find that Nunn is always stretching the boundaries of what we know jewellery-making to be. They go beyond the normal and this in turn helps me to push my creative side and develop new ideas.

  28. Belinda says:

    I love that you’re always coming up with something new and new ways to use things. I get so many ideas from the galleries that I may not have thought of on my own. I rarely ever make something just like someone else. I just like to look at the different ways they use things and then put my own spin on it.

  29. Kathleen Vincent says:

    Nunn inspires me with current trends – color, materials and how to demos. My mind immediately takes off with ideas of my own, to incorporate into designs using the Nunn materials – love the ever changing materials and inspiration.

  30. Lori Aguirre says:

    Nunn designs are always an inspiration. I save all your posts when my “well” is dry to help boost the creative vibe. You always are come up with fresh inspiration and beautiful creations and photos!
    thank you for sharing and creating such great products.

  31. Pingback: Then There Was The Fruitcake. On Grief and Art | Nunn Design

  32. Merry Jo Thompson says:

    Besides the obvious – wonderful components to create with – I am inspired by the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Sometimes the one missing component to a terrific design, or the technique shared to accomplish a finish or design, can spark a chain reaction in the designing process. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, tips and tricks and resources and inspiring a global design community!

  33. Bonnie Reed says:

    A chat with Becky at a show got me started on a new technique using clay, which I had never tried. Since then I have enjoyed her emails pointing us in so many different directions with lots of samples how folks apply various skills or ideas. This must take a lot of time to put together–thank you for your work.

  34. Tristan Robin Blakeman says:

    I am not primarily a jewelry maker, I am a paper assemblage designer. However, Nunn Design has offered quite a few products that have allowed me to incorporate metal findings in my paper work. I’m especially enamored of the bezels in which I can place relevant images for a piece and fill with resin. I’m also a fan of your decorative connector pieces (which I use in different ways than a jewelry uses them).
    Winning this would certainly allow me to experiment and use many pieces that I might not be aware of … and, who knows, maybe I’d even try making jewelry or cuffs!
    I have long followed you on Facebook, liked your blog, and posted about your contest on my Facebook timeline and on Pinterest.

  35. Marcy Criner says:

    My creativity is always ‘juiced’ when I see the examples of all the wonderful things that can be done with Nunn Designs materials. Just looking at the image above gave me about 20 more ideas of things I can make!

    liked on fb, subscribed to the blog, and a big shout out on twitter!

  36. Julene Hansen says:

    My creativity has been nurtured by nine design in many ways. I love the weekly emails and blog posts and also the kits available .

  37. Marcy Morgan says:

    I love the elements that allow photographic images as I use them to incorporate my own images or particularly my family members that have passed. That little bit of wearable art makes me feel close to them and gives me a bit of peacefulness.

  38. Larissa Heskett says:

    OMG OMG OMG What an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!! I have been a follower of the Nunn Designs Blog for almost a year now!! I have GROWN SO MUCH as a Jewelry Designer since then!! What started out as just a passion to learn how to make a Few Pieces of Jewelry for gifts and to wear has turned into a LOVE and appreciation for being able to create period!! Nunn Designs has INSPIRED me in SO MANY WAYS!! Not only are your Products like NONE Others out there, but your Company as a whole is something that makes you EVEN STRONGER in my opinion!! ALL of the Inspiration that you SHARE on the Blog, in Magazine Articles, with Retailers and in Contests sets the BAR for who you are!! You NOT ONLY give us INSPIRATION to help us to be INSPIRED to Create our own pieces, but you also GIVE SO MUCH in other ways!! That in my opinion is what sets you APART and makes me SO HAPPY to be a Nunn Designs FAN and EXCITED to see what is to COME from you in the Future!! =)THANKS SO MUCH for ALL that you do and give and I hope you ALL have a VERY BLESSED and HAPPY THANKSGIVING Week/Weekend!! You DESRVE It!! HUGS!! =)

  39. Lexi Grenzer says:

    Nunn bezels were the first experience I ever had with resin & custom jewelry yeeeeeears ago! I’m always impressed with the growth and constant strive to keep the new goodies rolling! Becky, you’ve done an amazing job & watching both you & your design team members come up with new & innovative ways to use the product is FAB! I will always be a faithful Nunn Design fan!

  40. Ann Schroeder says:

    I think having access to quality products makes a huge difference in how I feel about my finished pieces. Being pleased with them makes me want to create more. I love Nunn Design products because they can really be adapted to any style. Nunn Design has inspired my creativity by showing so many wonderful design examples and has nurtured my creativity by offering tutorials. I love looking at the website, the blog Becky’s appearances on retailers Youtube channels and recently Becky’s esty shop. I get so many ideas. It’s really fun! Thank you.

  41. Deborah O'Keefe says:

    After reading the ‘fruitcake post’ anything I have to say will be more prosaic but I would like to add that Becky and all the Nunn team are always helpful and inspiring. I love the gallery of designs and the exposure you give to so many jewelry artists. I subscribe to your blog and have watched your tutorials that have given me technical help when I’m a little stuck. You go well above and beyond being just a supplier of bits (although the ‘bits’ are in themselves well made, beautiful and varied). You make me feel like part of a larger community of craftsmen

  42. Tabitha says:

    I have been making jewelry for several years, but after the birth of my son sort of lost steam on my creativity. I saw a post from a jewelry maker friend about Nunn Designs and was quickly drawn back in to making jewelry. Mostly working with metal stamping, photo pendants and beadwork at the moment, but am constantly inspired by your blog posts, facebook posts and work. Thank you for inspiring me to create!

  43. Dixie Oatsvall says:

    I look at all the things you make, and I just sit in awe of the shapes &colors you put together, they all are so pretty,but also says so much .I want to try to make things with your works in my mind. Once I get it done& look at it later I hope it won’t scare me or make me laugh until I just have to get away.I hope I win ,, I know thats not very nice to say, Oh well !!! I want to make fruitcake jewelry, I helped so much when my Mom was making that & candy for everyone!!!!!! Dixie Oatsvall

  44. Jen Crossley says:

    I would be so grateful to win this amazing prize,Becky is such a sweet lady and really love s whats she is doing in the company you can tell by the quality of the product .Thank you Becky from all of us

  45. Glenda Schaefer says:

    I have just discovered Miss Nunn while watching a video on Artbeads where she did a tutorial! What an adventure of looking at all of the Nunn designs done with resin and other media embedded into it! I had no idea that such beautiful jewelry could be made by hand. I am truly inspired by all of her wonderful and incredibly creative designs. I am a retired dental ceramist and love working with my hands so this is an exciting possibility for me!
    Thank you Nunn Designs!

  46. Glenda Schaefer says:

    I can’t even find words to describe how inspired I have been by being introduced to Nunn designs! I was up until 3:00 am just getting an eye full of the many wonderful pieces created by Nunn designs and all of the many other wonderful artists. I can’t wait to try the resin!

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