Inspirational Mentors and Winner of Gratitude Giveaway #1


I can already tell that the month of November’s Gratitude Giveaways are going to be one of my favorite things we do each year. This past week we offered a $160.00 Gratitude Giveaway to anyone who answered the following question: Do you have a mentor or teacher who inspired your creative spirit so greatly that you will forever be in gratitude for their kindness? If you cannot think of a mentor or teacher, what qualities would you want in a mentor or teacher?

We recieved so, so many inspirational and wonderful entries! Here are just a few we pulled from the comments. You can read the rest in the original post.

“My Grandma”

37 years ago my Grandmother, a silversmith, put a pair of pliers in my hands! I was 6 years old! It began with pliers and a spool of copper wire! I wanted to do everything she was doing, play with all the tools she was using. She had spinning wheels, steaming pots, and flames! How cool was that! As I got older she introduced me to hammers and metal stamps, files and saws, beads… I can still remember my excitement at learning to solder and use the torch, I was about 12 or so. I still have that pair of earrings! My grandmother was a lifelong learner and every time I went to visit she shared that with me. I tried enameling, learned to cab stones, we even took a faceting workshop and learned to facet amethysts. My Grandmother gave me a profound gift and although she has been gone for over 10 years, she continues to inspire me and my creativity everyday when I walk through my studio doors!” – Colleen Ewart

“A Dear Friend”

First of all, I love Nunn Design products! I had collected beads, vintage jewelry, etc. in the hopes of one day learning to make jewelry. A friend of mine had gone to Texas to visit with family there. She had just recently been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, which had of course saddened all of us. She was a young mother, in her early 30’s, of two. The oldest being 7. When she came back from Texas, she shared some jewelry that she & others had made while there. I was so excited to see the bracelets that I decided it was time for me to learn. So with her encouragement & instruction, which I often needed, I began making jewelry. I loved it & it has been my passion since. I still have to make time to do it, but my head is constantly spinning with ideas & designs! When I sit down at my work table, I always think of my friend, who fought for her life for over 10 years, until she passed 2 1/2 years ago. I have shared on Facebook.” -June Parker

“High School Art Teacher”

I have loved the art of design since I was a small child. When in high school, my art teacher was Mr.Glass. I had taken art courses/training before, but he brought new inspirations to the classroom. One of my favorite assignments was the creation of textile art. I wove a picture of a sailboat from fabric scrapes, branches, cork, etc. Mr. Glass passed away several years ago and I remember him fondly as an instructor who encouraged you to think outside the box. I suppose that’s why I incorporate interesting components in my jewelry design and never repeat a design :-).” -Jan Pogue

“My Mom”

My mentor and inspiration is my mom. She has taught me endless life lessons through her volunteer work, kindness to others and love of learning. Over the past two decades she has volunteered for a nationwide creative problem solving program for kids. Through this she has taught me about generosity, patience and hard work. Currently she teaches a free beading class every week at a local school open to the community. The overwhelming interest in due in large part to her love and passion for helping others. She has given me all the tools I need to be an amazing wife, mother, aunt and all around person and for that I am forever grateful.” -Jill Lewis

“My Parents”

My parents really nutured our artistic abilities when I was growing up. Carving pumpkins, making gingerbread houses and coloring Easter eggs were huge projects at our house. My mother would save bits and pieces of packaging, fabric, paper, yarn and anything else interesting that crossed her path and put all of these treasures in a box. On rainy days, my Mom would get out the box and we would make art projects. This may explain why I love it when it rains and why I have a green business. I make upcycled jewelry and have recently been adding Nunn Design components to my work. I love the handcrafted look of Nunn products and think they compliment my eclectic upcycled jewelry. I really like the blog, I think it’s relevant, on trend and inspiring. -Lizzie Renville

“Becky Nunn” (kiss up! lol)

Ok, at the risk of sounding like I’m kissing up, I would like to say that Becky Nunn has been a great mentor to me. When she chose me for her Innovation Team years ago, her belief in my abilities was contagious! She constantly challenges me to try new things in my work and celebrates my successes with joy. She has gotten my work published more times than I can count and always inspires me with new products. And, she is an excellent advisor on work/life balance and nurturing creativity. Thanks, Becky!” -Stephanie Gard Buss

“My Parents”

Our home was always strewed with art supplies; crayons, paint, chalk, charcoal, paper…and lots of glue. I am so blessed to have had two parents who loved art and made sure we had plenty of supplies for making “stuff.” My father’s metal shop supplied me with lots of scraps and objects for creating objects of beauty…and I was selling my art in grade school…kept me well funded for the penny candy store. It was always fascinating to watch my parents effortlessly create a drawing…my father loved pencil. My mother love acrylics and oil and her favorite subject was clowns…and the serious side of the subjects. My parents were both musicians as well and each of us took up an instrument so our life was full of creativity with discipline. My mom used to tell us to let our heart speak through our hands and eyes. I thank them for encouraging this talent in me…it has brought me much joy and an endless list of things I want to still create. – Linda Carter

“My Mother”

My mother, Doris Kyffin, was and is my creative source. She is a potter and has been throwing over 50 years and is darn good at it. Her ability to conceptualize the finished product and to transform a mound of clay into a unique piece is amazing. Her talented eye, sense of style and class revealed themselves over the years as she explored drawing and painting. She also exhibited excellent style and skill as she decorated our homes. She sewed nearly all my clothes, curtains and drapes for our home and even smocked pillows. I could go on but suffice it to say, she knows her stuff. Amazingly, as I write this on November 13, 2015, she has spent her day loading her kiln for a firing…90 years old and BLIND! – Karen Kyffin

And The Winner Is…

Thank you for your comments and entries. So, who is the lucky winner? After assigning all the comments a number and using a random number generator, the random winner picked is…Dawn E! Congratulations!


I hope that you all enjoyed the experience of setting aside time to honor the people who have inspired and nurtured your creativity by mentoring you. It has inspired me to do even more with my own children and others who need that little extra encouragement to bring creativity into their lives.

Tomorrow we will launch Gratitude Giveaway #2. We hope you will enter to win that too!

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2 thoughts on “Inspirational Mentors and Winner of Gratitude Giveaway #1

  1. Ruth Gaines says:

    I am a retired RN and dabbled in jewelry making while still working, but always felt the creative side of my brain did not develop as much as I would like. All it took was just to jump in start making jewelry to find my niche. Due to the internet Becky Nunn, Barbara Lewis and Kim St. Jean have been my mentors, and will continue to be.

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