Introducing Adorned Life for Michaels


Introducing ADORNED LIFE by Rebecca Nunn — a new line of limited edition jewelry components that is now available at Michaels.

For two decades, Nunn Design has delighted in serving professional artists, gifted artisans, and talented jewelry designers. Over the years, our business has grown to embrace education and continued innovation. We persist in championing a singular standard of quality while providing a blank canvas that invites each artist in — an open space of creative possibility that simultaneously enchants and inspires.

Our desire is to become ever more inclusive — more accessible to crafters of all levels — while still hewing to the quality and aesthetic our valued supporters have come to expect from Nunn Design. We feel we’ve achieved this with ADORNED LIFE by Rebecca Nunn — a new line of limited edition jewelry components that is now available at Michaels.


Each unique element in this line conjures the enchantment of the Old World, and all combine to create finished pieces of timeless elegance. But the real beauty of Adorned Life is its ability to support easy, effortless creativity on a budget. We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver new products, unique concepts, and inspired innovations that will continue to nurture creativity and personal expression.

From all of us at Nunn Design, we thank you so very much for continuing on this journey with us.
ADORNED LIFE by Rebecca Nunn
Now Available Exclusively at Michaels

Behind the Scenes
Tea, anyone?
Waiting for video debut.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Adorned Life for Michaels

  1. Dawn Piepenburg says:

    I just discovered your Adorned Life and the pieces are magnificent. I love that they are 2-sided and that the qualify is so fine. What a wonderful line — I am glad Michaels is now carrying it.

    I do have one question — In California, we have restrictions for selling handmade jewelry with lead or nickel in them. Can you tell me if your pieces have either of these and if so what is the percentage? Also, are the items made in U.S.? I would appreciate your help on this.

    Thank you again for a wonderful line — I look forward to making many wonderful pieces for myself even if I can’t make them to sell. Dawn Piepenburg 559-740-3707

  2. Sabrina Siebert says:

    I just found out about Adorned Life, and I’m so excited by the quality of the pieces, including the details on the backs and sides of the pendants and connectors. Those toggles look amazing, too! I have the same question as Dawn, however, since I seem to develop skin irritation whenever I wear jewelry containing nickel…

    Where are your pieces manufactured, and would you be able to tell us what their nickel and/or lead content might be?

    Thank you!

  3. anika says:

    HI Sabrina,

    From the manufacturers of the Adorned Life™ line:

    The items are made in China. All the items in this line have undergone extensive product testing, and meet the regulatory requirements of the State of California, and are compliant for sale there. The items are not produced with nickel.

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