Items Added Back into the Nunn Design Collection

Throughout the pandemic, I have been camped out in the Nunn Design Warehouse pulling orders. I haven’t been required to pull an order for years, but I LOVE my new job responsibility. My finger is now on the pulse of what our customers are designing and purchasing. I really think this is helping me be a better business owner and product developer. There is a silver lining in this instance and I’ll take them when I can!!

As I was organizing and streamlining the pulling process in the warehouse, I pulled several items out of the retired section and placed them back into the everyday stocked collection. Each of these items we have restocked, are because of trends I have seen on certain shapes and plates. The pandemic has changed our tastes and it is my job to track that and to provide you products that are going to meet your customer’s needs.

Here are the items that we have moved back into the Nunn Design Collection to stocking once again!

Lapel Pins

A. lpcm-cb Lapel Pin Mini Crescent Moon-Cop
A. lpcm-gb Lapel Pin Mini Crescent Moon-Gld
A. lpcm-sb Lapel Pin Mini Crescent Moon-Slv
B. lpmh-cb Lapel Pin Mini Heart-Cop
B. lpmh-gb Lapel Pin Mini Heart-Gld
B. lpmh-sb Lapel Pin Mini Heart-Slv
C. lpms-cb Lapel Pin Mini Star-Cop
C. lpms-gb Lapel Pin Mini Star-Gld
C. lpms-sb Lapel Pin Mini Star-Slv

Charms & Bezels:
Retired Plates Brought Back

D. ccss-b Clam Charm-SS
E. cisc-ssb Charm Itsy Spiritual Cross-SS
F. slc-cb Small Link Circle-Cop
G. spc-cb Small Pend Circle-Cop
H. sps-cb Small Pend Square-Cop
I. spt-cb Small Pend Triangle-Cop
J. sspc-cb Single Sided Pend Circle-Cop
K. sspc-ssb Single Sided Pend Circle-SS
L. tpc-cb Traditional Pend Cir Dbl-Cop

M. pbso-cb Patera Bracelet Sm Oval-Cop

I hope that you find an old favorite!

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2 thoughts on “Items Added Back into the Nunn Design Collection

  1. Patricia says:

    It is so nice to see you add back in items. In reviewing some of your chain, I saw a gold rectangular pendant that I wish you would bring back – it was used in the De La Mer necklace. I love the beaded edge of this gold pendant but alas, it is not in your stock now. Please consider! I love your work and items, too many to mention! Please keep your bee items around for a long while! Love your tutorials and blog entries, too! Patti

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