Learning to Knot Update!

Last month I disclosed that I wanted to master how to knot gems and pearls. Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous blog post about the list of supplies that I should purchase. It was very helpful!

As I really dug into this technique, I limited my scope of what I wanted to master. Nunn Design has a great selection of wide hole beads I wanted to work with. For my thread, I selected to work with waxed linen thread.

My Knotting Projects:

Here is the first project I created.

For this bracelet, I had 3 1/2′ of brown waxed linen thread. After I placed the thread through the ring of the Toggle Ring Small Hammered I threaded a Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm and crimped it into place using a pair of smooth and flat needle nose pliers. I threaded on 20 of the Metal Bead Organic Mini’s and tied overhand knots in between each bead.

To finish the bracelet, I threaded another Metal Bead Faceted Round 4mm through both strands of the waxed linen thread, placed the double stand through the loop of the Toggle Bar Contemporary, then I threaded the 2 strands back through the Metal Bead (now there was 4 strands of thread going through the hole). I crimped the bead down flat with needle nose pliers and trimmed away the excess waxed linen thread.

I think this bracelet is awesome and have been wearing it everyday since I made it! That is saying something because I don’t often wear jewelry (except at tradeshows!). This is a habit I’m working on because I have A LOT of jewelry!!!

Shop the Supplies Wholesale:

Here is another bracelet I created.

Shop the Supplies Wholesale:

This bracelet I created before using the 1.5mm Leather Cord that we offer.

Shop the Supplies Wholesale:

So yes! I have made progress with my commitment to learn how to knot! Yahoo!

Would you like to see full how-to tutorials on any of these projects? Please leave me a comment if you are interested.

– Becky

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