Macrame Jewelry Inspiration

Sometimes when a trend comes back around, it takes me a moment to “get into it.” That was the case when I started seeing macramé jewelry becoming popular “again.” But, as much as I resisted, this art form has won me over – hook, line, and sinker. I am hooked!

Let me know what you think of these amazing designers that I have compiled. Take a look and tell me that you too aren’t thinking, “Hey wait! That is cool!”

Be Inspired!

Sherri at Knot Just Macramé has loads with which to be inspired.

I find these pieces by Tim Whitten of Marlinespike Chandlery to be stunning!

Follow Tim on Instagram: @marlinespikechandlery
Shop Tim’s Website:

This necklace by Cooky Schock is amazing!

This designer of Alji has her pulse on all things cool!

Visit Alji on Instagram: @__alji__

Cutethings277 sure is making some cute things!

Instagram: @cutethings277

Amira of Amira Jewelry makes some really beautiful macramé pieces!

Shop Amira Jewelry:

Learn How!

I was across the isle from Kerrie Miller, of Interlace Designs, while exhibiting at the To Bead True Blue show last February in Tucson. I had the opportunity to leaf through Kerri’s self-published book and examine her samples and supplies. Kerri is a master in her craft and I’d highly recommend taking a look at what she has to offer.

Shop Kerrie’s website:

According to reviews, Sherry of KnotJustMacrame has Micro Macrame Downloadable Tutorials that are top notch!

Here is a fairly simple video that will get you started on creating some fun macramé earrings!

Shop Macrame Supplies Wholesale:

So, confess. Did you change your mind at all about macramé?

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