Make This No. 3 + Giveaway


Creating with Nunn Design® channel beads, collage sheets, decorative tags and rhinestone chain provides a rich looking piece that appears complicated, yet is effortless to make.

We will be sending 3 lucky readers all the findings and product needed to create this Make This #3 project. The contest ends March 20th with winners to be announced on March 21st. To enter to win, leave a comment answering the following question:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

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77 thoughts on “Make This No. 3 + Giveaway

  1. Lisa says:

    My favorite pieces of jewelry tend to change with my mood. My constant favorite is, of course, my wedding ring! I like when I haven’t seen a piece that I made in awhile, and I take it out and enjoy it all over again.

  2. Stacy Parker says:

    My Favorite Piece of jewelry is my wedding ring-followed closely by my Aquamarine Chocolate Diamond ring that was a surprise from my Husband. It was totally unexpected and everytime I look at it-it just reminds me of how great of a guy he is and how Lucky I am! 🙂

  3. Kira says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of antique gold & chaton earrings from Israel. They have random bright colors of jewels and they dangle and sway- they are short but beautiful earrings and because of the colors they tend to go with anything I wear! When I’m in a hurry, I put them on. I could see making pairs for my friends using Nunn Designs findings, crystals, and the epoxy type clay. Gorgeous!

  4. Dottie Sheffield says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry… My father’s watch. Whenever I need to feel him close to my heart it is on my arm. Most often jewelry is about fashion, mood, etc. But my father’s watch is all about connection.

  5. Barbara Milburn says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry, is an oval vintage locket that was given to me by my grandmother. As a little girl, it was always the piece I wanted to look at (try on) from her jewelry box. It is gold, but has a black onyx front, with a small fillgree inbedded in it, on a gold chain. This was the most amazing woman…highly creative (taught to learn to sew at four); we shared tea, stories and songs. So, the locket reminds of all the wonderful parts of who she was….and it will pass on to my daughter someday!

  6. Patty roy says:

    I love using all of Nunn Designs diffrent pateras,chains and findings to create unique jewelry. I have not purchased any of the new items you have come out with but I am looking forward to creating something original with them. I love doing shows and having people tell me they love what I create. That feels great!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    My very favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. My husband had promised me a one carat diamond marquis long before we were married. We weren’t able to buy expensive rings when we got married. The Christmas after our 6th anniversary he got down on one knee with the ring and asked me if I would marry him again. I was bawling like a baby!

    A favorite piece of jewelry that I made incorporates vintage glass pearls that came from a necklace that belonged to my husband’s mother. She died about a year before I met him. It’s wonderful to have her in my life by wearing her pearls.

  8. Lee Ann says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry was and will always be a small gold oval locket that my grandmother gave one year for Christmas on a long gold chain. I wore it all the time when I wore my turtleneck sweaters – which was quite often. One day my 13 year old daughter, Krystal, asked if she could wear it to school – she loved it. I allowed her to wear it and to my dismay she lost it. I should have known better to let her wear it but the twinkle in her eye and the smile on her face when I put it on her made me set aside my fears. When she came home that afternoon and told me she lost it – I could see that she was just as devastated as I was and we both cried for a little while. Then I told her I loved her with all my heart and we would always have the memory of sharing that special gold locket from my Grandmother and her Great-Grandmother.

  9. Nancy Tang says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry made with Nunn products is a pendant plate in which I set a postage stamp featuring Kwan Yin, a tiny mirror (for Fung Shui), beads and a small bead with the word JOY impressed in it.

  10. Lulu says:

    To choose a favourite piece…. hmmm. I’d have to say it’s my “not so everyday” bracelet. I made it myself and splurged on Sterling silver and a really neat toggle. The fact that I wear it almost everyday tells me it’s my favourite – yet would I say it really is? I’m not so sure… maybe it’s just because it matches any outfit and I don’t have to think of what to wear so early in the morning! lol

  11. Angela Mullis says:

    I have 2 favorite pieces of jewelry. One is my wedding ring, the other is a diamond and opal cross pendant given to me by my husband on our anniversary 10 years ago. My birthstone is opal, his is diamond. I had been very sick that year, in and out of the hospital a lot. When he gave it to me, he said “Now I am with you where ever you go!”

  12. Karol says:

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones that are hand made. I have a beautiful mixed metal and crystal pendant that goes with everything…it’s unique and one of a kind just like the pieces that are made from Nunn Designs findings!

  13. Amber Heagerty says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry has got to be the enameled copper leaf that I made my Mom in 5th grade. I was so fascinated by the notion that a little colored glass powder sprinkled on a copper shape, then heated in a red-hot kiln could turn into such an amazing, magical work of “real” art! I was so proud when Mom would wear it pinned to her scarf on special occasions. I think that might be what actually got me headed in the direction of taking the artistic path seriously. When she passed away I found it surrounded by her treasures in her jewelery box…

  14. Janet S says:

    A memory necklace made with my dad’s WWII service picture and a tag stamped “dad”. Just like Dottie, I too feel better when my dad is with me; they don’t call me “little Fritz” for nothing. This necklace started a tradition of giving one as a gift for my friends when they lose a loved one.

  15. Kim Ullrich says:

    I love your Patera line, picked up a number of pieces @ Bellomodo for many Crystal Clay projects and Resin based jewelry projects. It is so hard to find good patera findings. I love the Nunn Design’s, so many to choose from.
    It’s like being a young girl in a candy store again. Thank you for creating such a great product.

  16. Marion Wilhelm says:

    My favorites tend to vary with the seasons. I almost always wear dangly earrings but in the summer they will be more simple. In the winter I like to really swing and sway! I also like charm necklaces although I lost mine somewhere along the way. My charm bracelet got so banged up and was noisy, to boot but the necklace, well all the charms were visible, laid flat and were also so quiet. My plan is to make a new charm type necklace with crafted beads like the channel beads as well as domed charms using favorite pictures and quotations. At 58, I have a lot to be happy about and a lot of great memories. It will be fun to put together something like that. And now that I am thinking along those line, necklaces like that would be great gifts for family members, future daughters-in-law, etc. gotta run…need to start creating and crafting!

  17. Isolina Perez says:

    It’s hard to decide on just one piece of jewelry. I have many favorites but if I had to choose it would be my moms pearl and diamond ring. But I like to wear many pieces created using bezels by Nunn Design. By far they are the best out in the market!

  18. Lisa says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cameo set I was given as a young girl. It resides in my jewelry box but I love taking it out every once in a while and admiring the set! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful pieces! …..Lisa 🙂

  19. Cathie Carroll says:

    Hi Becky,

    I saw this video the other day when I was visiting, it looks really fun. Please, don’t enter my name into this one. I’ll just have to buy the kit myself!

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a Trifari Jelly Belly Flamingo pin. I bought it for myself many years ago. At the time really couldn’t afford the huge sum of $75. but I had to have it. I still love and still wear it.

    Happy Tuesday!

  20. Lisa Michele says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace I designed with a sterling silver heart stamped “love” and two charms one with my husband’s and son’s first initials. It is a simplistic piece which I can wear with anything….It has a lot of sentimental value to reminds me of my values are and to do all things in love.

    Great contest..I really like the quality of your pieces and it open my creative mind..:)

  21. Michelle says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an antique pendant necklace that I inherited from my grandmother.
    It has a rectangular pendant with a portion of a beautiful blue butterfly wing captured under glass. The frame and chain are sterling and the wing glistens a little in the sun.

    I am saving it for one of my grandaughters who is afraid of Butterflies. My hope is that some day she will overcome her fear and that the pendant will give her confidence.

  22. lauri Rymarczyk says:

    I love the play of the rhinestones with the rest of the elements. I can’t wait to make some of the beads with the scrolls on them.

  23. Michelle says:

    With thanks to your jewellery designer, Nunn Design findings are beautiful and unique and open the world of jewellery and bead making to all with imaginitive ideas.

  24. Nancy Wakefield says:

    My most favorite piece of jewelry changes frequently. It’s usually the last item I’ve made. I get a big thrill out of each piece I create. I love the new
    channel beads and am anxious to make something with them.

  25. Anna toler frazier says:

    Of course my wedding rings, and my right hand weddings rings were my Mothers. I love wearing hand made jewelry from jewelry artist like me. I bought some sterling silver medallion earrings with a thistle design from a WV artist I love them and they go with everything.

  26. Suzanne says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the ring my grandmother gave me on my 16th birthday (40 years ago)!! It has an unusual setting and a European-cut antique diamond that belonged to my great-great-aunt!! But most of all, it is a piece of family history that I will in turn, pass down to one of my neices!

  27. melissa perkins says:

    Love the prices…information…and idea sharing you do at Nunn! My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding. I had my stones reset into a thick hammered band with an etching of a bird’s nest on it. In the nest is my engagement diamond and a small diamond x two…one to represent each of my children!

  28. Sharon Strauss says:

    Jewelry is art you wear on your body. I pick out beautiful pieces of jewelry for memorable events in my life—- births, deaths, a great holiday, marriage, even surmounting big hurdles at work. When I wear them, they not only give me pleasure as pieces of art, but also serve as constant reminders of people, places and events. These are my favorite pieces of jewelry.

  29. Crystal says:

    I love meaningful jewelry so i have a few favorites. Right now i love personalized jewelry so the bracelet with my favorite song lyrics hand stamped on it never comes off!

  30. Diana Herring-Stark says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It is not my original, but a simple band of gold given to me by my huband after the birth of our second daughter. It reminds me that it is the simple things in life that are important. We will be celebrating 25 years this June. It seems longer in a good way. I can hardly remember life without him.

  31. Mary Lou says:

    I make jewelry for resale, for gifts and for myself. 🙂
    I do use the Nunn Design products–in fact over the last couple of days, I’ve made five necklaces with a variety of chains and findings from Nunn Design along with semi-precious gemstones. I really enjoy the creative outlet that I get from making jewelry.

  32. joan says:

    My favorite pc of jewelry is one I saw in a boutique in San Francisco! Should have bought it but did not get a chance to go back. I think I might be able to make one just as unique with the pcs I have found on this website! Very excited and inspired to start creating my own personalized pc. Joan

  33. Debra says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mom’s charm bracelet. I love it because when I wear it
    I think of her collecting the charms from her travels or special occasions. Her first job in the
    1950’s as a telephone operator (a telephone)… Her high school trip to New York city ( Statue of Liberty) . Jewelry holds memories !

  34. Nancy Goan says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the promise ring that my husband gave me when I was sixteen years old. That was 34 years ago. It is a blue star saphire that still shows a glowing star that is just as bright as the day that he gave it to me. I will cherish this ring forever.

  35. SHERYL BAKER says:


  36. Gina says:

    My most meaningful piece of jewelry is a diamond wedding band that belonged to my grandmother. It is a symbol, for me, of her love, courage, and strength. she lived to be 99, raised six successful children on her own, nurtured every one of her grandchildren, and helped others even when she was in the nursing home! She was amazing and every morning when I slip on that ring, I think of her.

  37. Cindy Cima Edwards says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is ever changing. I design a necklace that I really love and wear it for awhile. Then I will create something else I really like and it becomes my new favorite piece.

  38. Jan says:

    Wow! My favorite changes too! But one of my favorites is my Mother’s wedding band. It goes perfect with my wedding ring so I always wear them together. They look as if they were made to go together!


  39. Michelle says:

    My favorite piece is a locket my mother made me. She filled it with different trinkets from the loads of great memories that we have together.

  40. Christine OToole says:

    Fantastic finds and creations from “Nunn-other” than Nunn Design. I Love It! Thanks for keeping our inspiration growing!

  41. Kelly Harms says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a very simple twisted sterling silver bracelet, actually two of them. The first was made during a lunch time jewelry class with two dear friends. It was the first of many classes taken together. We dubbed ourselves “Sisters of the Silver Cuff”. The second was made during a special birthday class last year with the “Sisters” and my daughter. Now the special women in my life have similar but unique pieces that bind us together.

  42. Amy says:

    My current favorite piece of jewelry is a vintage hourglass pendant (real sand inside) that can be combined with Nunn Designs chains and findings.

  43. Michelle says:

    There have been various favorites over the years…the wedding band that my dad gave to my mom, my Hawaiian bangle that was on my wrist for 20 years until surgery when I had to remove it, a dreamy pmc ring I made and most currently a fine silver trio of rings that I made when I tried fusing. I also love my big jangly sparkly earrings.

  44. Joanne says:

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are those we (my sister and I) create with among others, but mostly Nunn Design’s beautiful pieces of art as I call them.
    My Dad’s watch is one that is closest to my heart as it is the only “time” we still share since his passing.

  45. Linda says:

    My favorite piece was my moms mothers’ ring that I acquired when she passed away. It has 4 birthstones that represent my sister, my 2 sons and my birthstones.

  46. Linda M says:

    My mom gave me a necklace many years ago for Christmas that has become my favorite. It is very simple. Just a tag that is stamped with the word “create”. It’s funny because I make ornate, detailed jewelry that I love and wear a lot. But I always go back to my “Create” necklace. I think it is because my mom knows me so well and my soul is all about creating!

  47. Lynda says:

    Other pieces of jewelry come and go, but my favorites are four wedding rings I wear. First, my own, of course. Then, my mother and father’s. Last, my grandmothers, which will be 100 years old in two year. Thanks for the opportunity to work with such great materials!

  48. Jenna says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring is anything that my husband buys me. He had a heart attack and 5 way by pass at the age of 37, 6 years ago. He now buys me rings mainly, with heart details. I love and treasure my heart jewelry from him.

  49. casey says:

    saw you in tucson! loved everything i bought!my favorite piece of jewelry is my hand stamped charm necklace with my childrens names. always reminds me of them. i touch it when i think of them.

  50. Joan McSherry says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is of course my Wedding ring. my likes are ever changing with my mood..I have given some of my jewelry away to my one of my daughters plus I have given some to a grand daughter. It sounds as though I have favorites… It’s just that they liked a particular piece. I have another piece my husband bought for me in Italy. I love Nunn design:s whole line of jewelry it is such good quality ,so easy to work with…wonderful designs. I am working with crystal clay right now..have ‘t finished a piece yet. Each day I have a new favorite …..I just like jewelry!!

  51. Jan says:

    My favorite piece is my wedding ring, then I have a humming bird necklace.
    I am loving all of the Nunn Design pieces and look forward to more of them.

  52. Gillian Wright says:

    I have two favourite pieces my beautiful square engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires that was my grandmothers and then my mum’s. Second my little 5 garnet stone ring which was my great grandmothers. They are both very precious to me. I should also mention the beautiful delicate edwardian ameythest and seed pearl brooch my husband gave me last christmas!

  53. Judi says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is whatever I have most recently finished! Love the project you have shown and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. Jane Robinson says:

    My new favorite are the channel beads which infact arrived today. I did a little happy Jigg when the courier knocked on my door and presented me with my Nunn package. When I opened and found all the lovely bits and bobs I thought the Channel beads were even more beautiful in the flesh. I love them. Thank you!

  55. Joanna Williamson says:

    My favourite piece of jewelry hasn’t been made yet. When my husband was in Afghanistan, he brought back two of the most beautiful sapphires I have ever seen. We’re still figuring out how to add them to my engagement ring. I’ll always look at each stone and say silent prayers; one for all those who lost their lives, one to thank God mine came home.

  56. Karla Dickerson says:

    My daughter-in-law bought me a pair of earrings for Christmas. These earrings were the kind of earrings that went with absolutely any attire! Dress up or dress down it never mattered! I lost one of them and I was totally devastated! I searched high and low…nowhere to be found! I went to get my hair done a few months ago and my earring was hanging on the wall! Can you even imagine?

  57. Teri says:

    I have a great cha-cha bracelet–quite over the top for many I suppose, but wonderful. It’s in soft greens and aqua/teal blues–lampwork, crystals, small glass beads. Three rows on a stretch-link frame.

    I love this giveaway set–what a wonderful spring theme!!


  58. Carolyn Collins says:

    Hummm, thats a hard one…

    I think my favorite piece of jewelry would have to be the first lampwork mermaid pendant I made. The bead wasnt very good, but the simple joy of watching my glass creation come to life for first time makes it very special to me. I keep it to this day because it reminds me of a time when I was just starting out in my art.

  59. Debra Lee says:

    I love the silver ring my hubs got me instead of wearing my wedding ring. It’s simple and goes with everything!

  60. Kat says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry right now is the newest pair of earrings I just made. They are dangly & light & I am very proud of the design. They remind me that I am a creative jeweler & I love playing with new materials.

  61. LeAnne says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that I found in my grandmother’s jewelry box after she passed away last year. I wear it often to remind me of her and how much she meant to me over her lifetime.

  62. Nancy says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an opal ring set in a silver swirl that looks like an ocean wave. My favorite Nunn jewelry is a piece I created using an open pendant, a chrysoprase stone some pearls and a silver bird charm.

  63. char brickner says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace I made from my grandmas broken string of pearls. I remember her to say they were ‘to fancy’ to fix and wear being on a farm’. I now wear them everyday fancy or not, feels good to have them close, makes me smile more. What a great question!

  64. CarrieLynn says:

    My favorite piece of jewlery is an antique heirloom amethyst brooch that my great great great Grandmother wore. It has been in my family for 150 or so years and was passed down to me on my 22nd birthday two years ago. It is my favorite piece of jewlery because I have such a connection to the Victorian Era that is hard to explain. It is like as if I had lived one of my Past Lives back in the Victorian Era!

  65. Mona says:

    My Favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set. It is the only piece I wear everyday~it not only represents the love we continue to share, but the tears and trials as well…making stronger bonds.

  66. Elisabeth Wilks says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an ornate spoon ring that my mother gave me, that was given to her by her mother. I love it because it is unique and has so many memories wrapped up in it.

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