Making Jewelry With Teenagers!

Nunn Design Jewelry with Teenagers

Nunn Design Jewelry with Teenagers

Teenager Nunn Design Key Pendant

Teenager Nunn Design Heart Pendant

I had my first experience making jewelry with teenagers this week.  They aren’t just any teenagers; they are my nieces, Emily and Sophie.

After a visit to the Nunn Design office and a step-by-step tour of how we design jewelry from concept to completion, they got to sit down and make some pieces.  We focused on using Crystal Clay for this jewelry making adventure.  It was my first time working with this age group; my two girls are several years younger.  I was really amazed at how into it they were!  After teaching them the basics, these were the pieces that they created.  Thank you Emily and Sophie!  I had such a great time! (Oh, and thank you Ken & Mel for joining us too!)

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