March Flash Sales! Save the Dates!

The Nunn Design Flash Sales are provided to test and receive feedback from our customers. We want to know if these are the items you were requesting from us? Did we come in at the right price point? Does it look like something that you would want to add into your product line? If so, tell us! If not, tell us!

The week of March 12-16th we will be flashing a series of buttons, charms, bezels and earrings. All will be posted on March 12th for you to order, but throughout the week we will be featuring each of the findings daily. Here is a preview of the line-up.

Nunn Design Buttons

Nunn Design Charms

Nunn Design Bezels

Nunn Design Sterling Silver Earring Studs

Here is how the Flash Sales works:

  • The Flash Sale is available to registered Nunn Design Wholesale Customers only.
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement on Flash Sale items. The $100.00 minimum order requirement is waived.
  • The Flash Sale Program cannot be combined with other wholesale products. 
Sorry it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at if you have any questions.
  • Orders for the Flash Sale items will start to ship the week of April 9th. Payment will be collected prior to shipping these items.

Save the Date!

Save the date for this fun week, March 12-16th!

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