New Nunn Design® Website Now Live!


After a year of planning and designing, we are finally ready to make the big switch and go live on our new website!  Ta-Dah!  Drum roll please!!!!!

If surfing to or your bookmark doesn’t take you to the new site right away, please don’t panic.  The site is merely in transition.  If you don’t see the new site, please check back and/or click on your browser’s refresh button.  Your local Internet Service Provider may not have updated the new location yet and this process could take up to 24 hours.

If you are a wholesale buyer with Nunn Design, please check your email for important login information.  The email will explain the process of setting up your own unique user password to receive access into the wholesale site.

Email us if you need help:

We are excited for you to see what we have been up to!  Let us know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “New Nunn Design® Website Now Live!

  1. Queen Katherine says:

    Hey Cheryl –

    I think you and the crew should kick back, have a bottle of champagne, and pop those little confetti tank thingys…YOU GUYS SHOULD CELEBRATE!!

    The new website is AMAZING – I love it!! All the blood, sweat, tears, cursing, more tears, praying, frustration, more cursing, and more tears have been so worth it!!! Oh, I can’t tell you just how thrilled I am for ALL of you…a little tear slips from my eye as my pride for you guys just gushes!!

    I am totally in awe – besides being in love. You have ROCKED IT!! This is beyond impressive…it’s…MONUMENTAL!!

    (As someone who is fighting her own website battles, seeing the awesome finished product – and knowing it’s working – kind of makes you want to NEVER change ONE SINGLE DETAIL – EVER AGAIN, right?? Am I right?!?!)


    Just about knocked my chatons off when my email/password worked…and on the first try…WOW!! :::Bowing to you as I am certainly not on your level:::

    Go drink the champagne, pop the poppers, put your feet up (preferably for in-house pedi’s!), and sing out your hearts to some great tunes…you guys deserve it!!

    Have an exceptionally restful weekend!

    Katherine Babcock, Owner
    Magpie’s Ritual

  2. Annie says:

    WOW! It’s amazing! And I can only imagine the number of hours that went into designing it, organizing it, and building it, with all the cross references, the shopping lists, the processes, etc. Very nice! A person can get lost in there, and I mean that in the best way possible.

    I used to tell a former employer of mine that certain parts of the job I did in her company were “the candy”. “The candy” was basically taking a leather or silk bound book and covering a flub made by the embossing department, or decorating spiral sketchbooks with inspirational quotations. When we had time, we would decorate these books with Chiyogami papers, beads, and other found objects. It was a creative process that was not necessary, but was enjoyed and I always looked forward to it.

    Working with pieces from your collection is like “the candy”. I always look forward to those times when I get to be creative and can pull out different items from your collection to work with. And now you have this big candy store and I’m going to intentionally lose myself in it. It’s really incredible!

    Annie Howes Keepsakes

  3. Monica K Campbell says:

    Kudos to the whole Nunn Design team! Your new website is absolutely splendid.

    As a business owner, I thank you. You’ve just simplified my ordering process. I adore your supplies and I’m thrilled with the quality of your pieces. Now I can order them with even greater ease.

    As a designer, I thank you. The no-clutter design I’ve always loved continues in your new site. I can find exactly what I need, and very quickly at that. Anything that gets me back to my design work quickly is a huge plus to me.

    As an information technology specialist (oops, now you know my secret identity), I tip my virtual hat to you. Your new site is clean, concise and accurate. You have obviously poured an unbelievable amount of time into this restructuring project. Your menus are easy to navigate. Your product groupings are logical and helpful. You include thorough details on each product (including country of origin, yay!). You incorporate strong passwords (hip-hip-hooray).

    Well done, Nunn Design!


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