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Kit Ornate Ring-Antique Gold 1

As the holidays come closer, I am feeling the need to create more and more. Maybe it is just the season. Maybe it is that I witnessed my mother during the winter months create endless sweaters, hats, booties and sweaters as I was growing up. Maybe it is my desire to create that experience with my two girls, Isabella and Emillia so that they have fond memories of their childhood and the joy of creating. Whatever the reason, creating is just plain fun and I love to do it.

Kit Ornate Ring-Antique Gold 1

It was this sort of awareness of my own creative desires that motivated me to launch a line of kits. I wanted the experience of creating to be fun the first time a crafter experienced a new craft. We could have made the kits less expensive, but I felt it was important to include gloves, to include a toothpick covered with beeswax to provide an easy way for the crystals to be picked up and set into the clay, and to include step-by-step photos with instructions.

Kit Ornate Ring-Antique Gold 2

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Shoot, that is a lot of words to tell you we have cool kits. But there you have it. To see how easy it is to assemble, here are two videos that our friends at Beading Daily created.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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EDIT: Sorry, these kits are no longer available. Check the links to see our other kits.

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