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Colorized Epoxy Clay, Organics and Colorized Resin Tutorial

The motivation for this technique was to make it easier for the maker to create fabulous pendants with a more streamlined process. By using colorized Epoxy Clay in the base of the bezel, then applying the organics, only a single pour of resin is required! In this tutorial, we will cover: How and why to […]

Epoxy Clay, Skeleton Leaves and Resin within Wire Frames Tutorial!

In this tutorial, learn how to create with Epoxy Clay and Skeleton Leaves in a Nunn Design Wire Frame. The end pieces are unique and very light in weight. Perfect for pendants and earrings. If you are interested in exploring other types of organics, please read a previous blog post from the Nunn Design Blog: […]

How to Make Resin Filled Pendants in Wire Frames!

In this tutorial, learn how to hammer flat a Nunn Design Wire Frame, prepare the Wire Frame to use with Resin, mix and then colorize it. All of these steps will lead you to create unique pendants or earrings that are translucent and nearly glass-like. Learn How! Supplies needed: Nunn Design 2-Part Resin Kit Wire […]

Nunn Design Art Day! Creative Play Results in 3 Fun Techniques Using Excess Resin

Quarterly, the team at Nunn Design puts the phone and emails on hold to take time out to create using Nunn Design Findings. Here is some of the creative play from our latest Nunn Design Art Day. Both Cheryl and Kathryn focused on how to create fantastic and fresh jewelry using excess resin! Kathryn’s Resin […]

9 Jewelry Techniques to Create with Excess Nunn Design Resin

I know for myself; I hate to waste resin. Here are 9 jewelry techniques that you can experiment with that use resin that is about to harden in the mixing cup. These techniques are handy to have at the ready during creative time spent using resin. 1. Colorize Resin Gems Tutorial In the tutorial, learn […]

12 Ways to Prevent a Resin Jewelry Disaster!

Working with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin to create mixed media jewelry that is one-of-a-kind is fun and crazily creative! If you are scared of resin or have heard some stories about resin disasters, here are 12 ways to prevent them from happening to you. 1. Monitor the Resin and Room Temperature. Make sure your room […]

Make Sculpted Epoxy Clay using a Silicone Mold with Colorized Resin Overlay

Create dimensional molds with 2-Part Silicone Molding Putty to make a sculpted Epoxy Clay impression. Once the clay is cured, mix and colorize some Nunn Design Resin to create really beautiful bezel pendants. In this tutorial you will learn: How to make silicone molds using vintage buttons and found objects How to create silicone molds […]

Make Sculpted Resin using a Silicone Mold

Create dimensional molds with 2-Part Silicone Molding Putty to make a sculpted resin focal. In this tutorial you will learn: How to make silicone molds using found objects How to create silicone molds with perfect registration How to mix and colorize Nunn Design 2-Part Resin with Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments This technique is ideal for […]

Make These with Colorized Resin & Transfer Sheets

Although we have done several tutorials and videos on how to use resin and transfer sheets, we have not yet done this exact combination of techniques. In this tutorial, we will be using an open back bezel, translucent colorized resin with a transfer sheet. A couple of different tweaks and such a different look as […]

Make These with Epoxy Clay, Skeleton Leaves and Nunn Design Resin

This is another one of those simple tutorials that creates such great results! The details of the skeleton leaf really make this project, and it is a great starting point for other organics too! In this tutorial you will learn: How to mix and embed Epoxy Clay How to apply organics onto Epoxy Clay How […]

Make These with Colorized Resin, PearlEx Powders & Organics

This tutorial was inspired by the look of dendritic quartz and dendritic agates.  What is so fun about this technique can also cause some resin creators a little anxiousness. There are no two pieces that will look just alike!  If you are looking to exploring resin, then this technique is just up your alley. How to mix and […]

Make These with Epoxy Clay, Mica Flakes & Colorized Resin

I was curious about how to create more of a reflective quality in my resin pieces. By applying a layer of Epoxy Clay and embedding Mica Flakes prior to pouring the colorized resin into the bezel allowed for a more reflective pop to the resin. Once the resin has cured, the resin is gently sanded […]

Make These with Epoxy Clay, PearlEx Powders & Colorized Resin

I am thrilled with how these pieces look! I knew I had a winner when we were asked over and over again, “do you also sell the stones.” This look really has a high-end feel, yet is fairly simple to execute. I want to provide full disclosure with this tutorial. The samples in the above […]

Colorized Resin Gems Tutorial

At first I was interested in finding ways to use excess resin prior to it hardening in the mixing cup. After a while, I found that I was mixing resin just to explore additional techniques! This tutorial was the result of Team Nunn’s creative exploration during one of the quarterly Nunn Design Artdays. Supplies Needed: […]

Click! Learn! Make! – Part 7 Online Tutorials using Resin, Clay, Molds and Organics

Welcome to part 7 of our Click! Learn! Make! blog post series. Over the past couple weeks we have been focusing on supporting the Nunn Design Master Catalogue with a series of Click! Learn! Make! blog posts. The Nunn Design Master Catalogue is designed to inspire our customers AND to educate them on how to […]