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How to Use Crimp End Connectors with Ball and Satellite Chain

Using Ball and Satellite Chain in your jewelry is one way to create a great look to your design. By adding Crimp Ends on the ends of your chain, along with a Nunn Design Lobster Clasp and closure, you can really step up the overall look of your piece of jewelry. We’ve put together a […]

Which Nunn Design Jump Rings Fit Nunn Design Chain!

We are always looking to find ways to make designing with Nunn Design product easier. This Nunn Design Downloadable Cheat Sheet covers all of the various jump rings that Nunn Design offers wholesale and a chart showing what the jump rings look like when they are attached to the Nunn Design Chain. This has been […]

How to Use Nunn Design Crimp Connectors with Satellite Chain

Doing a tutorial on how to use the Nunn Design Connectors with Satellite Chain has been on my to do list. Sorry, still hasn’t happened! But here is a basic step-by-step walk through! Learn How! 1.  Cut the chain 1/8″ from the last ball (if you don’t the ball will slide off). 2.  Apply a […]

Deerskin Lace & Chain! – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

The 2018 Winter Collection was released last week reveling a full collection of new findings added to the Nunn Design product mix. Over the past few weeks we have provided inspiration and product information on these newest additions in our blog. Read more about our new release of Drops, Hammered Moon & Cross Charms, our […]

Nunn Design Hook & Eye Clasps, Lobster Clasps, Spring Rings and Connectors

Yesterday we shared a post about our Toggle Bars and Rings. Today we are sharing additional ways you can bring closure to any of your jewelry design projects – by using Nunn Design Hook & Eyes, Lobster Clasps, Spring Rings and Connectors. Nunn Design Hook & Eye Clasps Nunn Design Hook & Eye Clasps are sold […]

2015 Summer Collection-Itsy Earrings, Flat Tags & Faceted Bead Chain! + Giveaway!

Included in the 2015 Summer Collection are new Itsy Earrings (super itsy at 6mm!), Long Narrow Flat Tags and Faceted Bead Chain. All of these new findings we think are key components to our expanding jewelry findings offering. Download a copy of our 2015 Summer Collection Catalogue. Shop the 2015 Summer Collection Earring Post Itsy […]

7 Art Day Jewelry Projects from Team Nunn Designer Melissa

The Team at Nunn Design had a very successful art day this past month! There are so many great pieces of finished jewelry to inspire you with –  we are breaking the art day highlights into several blog posts! For this blog post we are featuring the creations of Melissa, Team Nunn’s Graphic Designer. Melissa […]

Easy Black Chaton Necklace Tutorial + Inspiration

I’m still in love with the look of embedding stones and chatons into Crystal Clay. In this tutorial, I explore how you can layer various sized chatons to create this stair step layered look. Learn How: Easy Black Chaton Necklace Tutorial By Becky Nunn Materials Needed: Crystal Clay-Black (cryclay-black) Cha-blk Chaton Black (cha-blk) 1 Raised […]

Lucky Charm Necklace Tutorial

Does it really work to adorn oneself with lucky charms? According to some folks the data is there to support that it really does work. I really like this excerpt from Jeff Haden’s Inc. article titled: “Secret Weapon: Your Lucky Underwear?” Jeff writes: “We hypothesize that the proposed performance benefits of superstition are produced by […]

Yes Bracelet Tutorial

Fusion Beads and Nunn Design partnered up for this fun “Yes” Hammered ID Bracelet Tutorial. Learn how to wire wrap beads, how to attach crimp connectors onto ball chain and how to assemble this “Yes” bracelet. Download a copy of our “Yes” Bracelet Tutorial. How To Make a Yes Bracelet Designer: Becky Nunn Supplies Needed: […]

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