Collage Sheet Astrology White

Nunn Design Collage Sheets are printed on high-quality 70-100 pound text white paper. Images are sized to fit within Nunn Design Bezels and require only to be cut with scissors along the outside edge to achieve a perfect fit. All collage sheets are sold with full instructions on “how to.”

These are a perfect fit for our large and mini pendants, but don’t let that deter you from using them with our other pendants with around a 21mm or 13.5mm inner dimension. There might be a little wiggle room, but they work great.

Large Circles (21mm)

a. Large Pendant Circle (ID: 20.5mm)
a. Open Bezel Channel Deep Large Circle (ID: 21.2mm)
a. Large Pendant Circle Open (ID: 21.4mm)
a. Open Frame Large Circle (ID: 23.7mm)
a. Open Frame Hoop Small (ID: 20.4mm)
a. Double Sided Pendant (ID: 20.3mm)
a. Single Sided Pendant (ID: 20.2mm)
a. Screw Back Bezel Large Circle (ID: 20.2mm)
a. Screw Back Bezel Ornate Large Circle (ID: 20.8mm)

Mini Circles (13.5mm)

b. Mini Link Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Lapel Pin Mini Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Ornate Mini Pendant Circle (ID: 13.1mm)
b. Earring Mini Circle (ID: 12.7mm)
b. Screw Back Bezel Mini Circle (ID: 12.5mm)
b. Screw Back Bezel Ornate Mini Circle (ID: 12.6mm)

Download the following tutorials to learn how to create with Nunn Design Collage Sheets

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