Collage Sheet Color Trees

Nunn Design Collage Sheets are printed on high-quality 70-100 pound text white paper. Images are sized to fit within Nunn Design Bezels and require only to be cut with scissors along the outside edge to achieve a perfect fit. All collage sheets are sold with full instructions on “how to.”

Bezels that Fit Images

a. Mini Link Circle & Lapel Pin Mini Circle (4)
b. Itsy Link Square (5)
c. Lapel Pin Mini Heart (3)
d. Grande Pendant Half Oval & Open Pendant Half Oval (4)
e. Open Frame Large Rectangle (2)
f. Open Frame Small Rectangle (3)
g. Grande Pendant Drop & Open Pendant Drop (4)
h. Lapel Pin Mini Star (2)
i. Lapel Pin Mini Moon (3)
j. Grande Pendant Arrowhead & Open Pendant Arrowhead (4)
k. Mini Link Square (2)

Download the following tutorials to learn how to create with Nunn Design Collage Sheets

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