Transfer Sheet Astrology White

Nunn Design Transfer Sheets are printed on a durable film that releases from its paper backing when submerged into water. Images are sized to fit within Nunn Design Bezels and require only to be cut with scissors along the outside edge to achieve a perfect fit. All transfer sheets are sold with full instructions on “how to.”

These are a perfect fit for our large and mini pendants, but don’t let that deter you from using them with our other pendants with around a 21mm or 13.5mm inner dimension. There might be a little wiggle room, but they work great.

Large Circles (21mm)

a. Large Pendant Circle (ID: 20.5mm)
a. Open Bezel Channel Deep Large Circle (ID: 21.2mm)
a. Large Pendant Circle Open (ID: 21.4mm)
a. Open Frame Large Circle (ID: 23.7mm)
a. Open Frame Hoop Small (ID: 20.4mm)
a. Double Sided Pendant (ID: 20.3mm)
a. Single Sided Pendant (ID: 20.2mm)
a. Screw Back Bezel Large Circle (ID: 20.2mm)
a. Screw Back Bezel Ornate Large Circle (ID: 20.8mm)

Mini Circles (13.5mm)

b. Mini Link Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Lapel Pin Mini Circle (ID: 12.8mm)
b. Ornate Mini Pendant Circle (ID: 13.1mm)
b. Earring Mini Circle (ID: 12.7mm)
b. Screw Back Bezel Mini Circle (ID: 12.5mm)
b. Screw Back Bezel Ornate Mini Circle (ID: 12.6mm)

Download the following tutorials to learn how to create with Nunn Design Transfer Sheets

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