Embroidery Kit Deerskin Lace 5mm x 30 inches

$3.75 ea

Jewelry Kits for Embroidery are designed for the artisan with limited jewelry making experience, making assembly fast and easy. No additional jewelry making tools are required.

Kit Supplies: Kit Deerskin Lace 5mm x 30 inches Black
2.5’ Black Deerskin Lace

Silver Creek Deerskin lace is harvested here in the USA from North American Deer. Hides are tanned and cut into continuous strips of 5mm (3/16” wide). This soft and diverse medium is great to work with. Deerskin Lace is a natural product colored with vegetable dyes. The color may vary from batch to batch. Made in USA.

The items that are not included in the kits are the parts that you will need to do the actual embroidery.

Learn How in this tutorial featuring embroidery stitch examples as well as How To Put Your Embroidery in Jewelry

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