Winner of Gratitude Giveaway #2


Thank you everyone for taking the time to say such nice things to and about us. It really helps us to know that we are indeed on mission and that our efforts are appreciated.

Here are a couple comments that we would like to highlight:

Amber Walker

I’m so grateful for the beautiful pieces from Nunn Designs! These charming little details make it easy for me to focus on my hand-painted elements. The collaboration allows me to bring a custom product to customers in a timely yet highly creative way. Thank you!” -Amber Walker

Linda Carter

Although I have been designing jewelry for over 50 years (since I was 9) I am always looking for new ideas and things that get me out of my “box.” I work with vintage and antique bits and pieces and redesign them. When I tripped onto Nunn Designs…I became obsessed with all the possibilities to modernize my designs…learn to use new techniques and to even expand my style and still maintain my uniqueness. I really felt like I was getting a bit stale…or maybe it was bored…but finding these “products” has reignited my passion for jewelry design and bring my designs to a new and exciting level. Please keep bringing us new findings and such. I love this stuff!” -Linda Carter

Susan Berk

In the past few years I’ve bought Nunn Designs products, almost exclusively and it has helped my business more than I could ever have imagined. The array, and especially the quality fits me perfectly. That’s the one thing my customers always remark about. The quality. It has elevated my work and inspired my creativity. I am always excited to see what’s new! Shout out to Cheryl who is the best customer service person I’ve ever encountered. Thank you Nunn Designs, don’t know where I’d be without you.” -Susan Berk

Connie Mattos

Oh my gosh, where do I begin?! I read every blog post, look in the gallery often, watch videos,etc. The latest Nunn Design inspirations for me have been crystal clay and resin. I have resisted working with these mediums, just not knowing where to begin. All the posts from the wonderful Nunn Design team gave me the courage to give them a try. So happy with the results! Every one of these pieces sold at my latest jewelry show. So Thank You all for your inspiration and support! -Connie Mattos

Lori Anderson

My life has changed thanks to your bezels. My son loves to draw and paint, and we were able, together, to put them under resin, and he sold them. In fact, we have some that he wants to work with now, but use glass frit and other mixed media bits to make them. Being able to share my love of jewelry-making with my son is worth everything to me.” -Lori Anderson

Merry Jo Thompson

Besides the obvious – wonderful components to create with – I am inspired by the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Sometimes the one missing component to a terrific design, or the technique shared to accomplish a finish or design, can spark a chain reaction in the designing process. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, tips and tricks and resources and inspiring a global design community!” -Merry Jo Thompson

Deborah O’Keefe

After reading the ‘fruitcake post’ anything I have to say will be more prosaic but I would like to add that Becky and all the Nunn team are always helpful and inspiring. I love the gallery of designs and the exposure you give to so many jewelry artists. I subscribe to your blog and have watched your tutorials that have given me technical help when I’m a little stuck. You go well above and beyond being just a supplier of bits (although the ‘bits’ are in themselves well made, beautiful and varied). You make me feel like part of a larger community of craftsmen.” -Deborah O’Keefe

And the Winner is…


Thank you for your comments and entries. So, who is the lucky winner? After assigning all the comments a number and using a random number generator, the random winner picked is…Terry V! Congratulations!

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One thought on “Winner of Gratitude Giveaway #2

  1. Michelle says:

    Nunn Design has inspired my creativity in countless ways. Two of the most recent ways: 1) the examples using the strand reducers and 2) is all the ways you’ve used the leather lacing. I ordered bunches of both products.
    I really appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary examples you share in your blog posts. Thanks so much.

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