Holiday Ornament Tutorial

My daughter Isabella and I are making these fun ornaments to giveaway to family members for the holidays (shhh….). I love how they came out! Here is a tutorial showing…Read More

How to Use Nunn Design Resin with Transfer Sheets!

Some of the techniques that we cover using Nunn Design Transfer Sheets involve the use of Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, Gel du Soleil UV Resin, Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay and…Read More

A New Resin Video- How To Use Organic Materials with Colorized Resin!

Embedding organics into Nunn Design Resin has been a very popular topic! Although we have done a full tutorial earlier this year on our blog, we now have a video…Read More

8 Inspirational Video Tutorials for Creating with Wire Frames and Hoops

Whether you are wire wrapping a tree of life pendant or pouring resin into a Nunn Design Wire Frame or Hoop, here are 8 inspiring video tutorials to awaken your…Read More

5 Tips to Prevent & Clean-Up Spilled Resin

You can approach working with resin in two different ways. The first approach is to dive right in and get started while receiving mixed results. The trial and error approach…Read More

How to Make Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings

This is a fairly simple wire-wrapping tutorial that a beginner can cut their teeth on, yet is sophisticated enough for any skill level. Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings can be worn…Read More

Texturized Resin Tutorial: Part 2

This summer I wrote Part 1 of this tutorial about Texturizing Resin. I originally stumbled across this technique while messing about last spring, but when I actually scheduled the step-out photos…Read More

Handcrafted Pendant Tutorial – Using Crystal Clay, PearlEx Powders and Colorized Resin

I have to admit I got a little carried away with this tutorial. My intentions were good (of course!). What I really wanted to communicate is how you can create…Read More

Swarovski Wire Wrapped Open Frame Ring Tutorial by The Beading Gem

Pearl at The Beading Gem is a great source for inspiration. Her latest tutorial on how to wire-wrap Swarovski Montee Crystals within the Nunn Design Open Frame Rings is very…Read More

How to Assemble Handmade Embroidery into Jewelry – Video

Jessica, of Namaste Embroidery, is the creative maker behind this collection of handmade embroidered jewelry pendants. In Jessica’s video, Assembling Hand Embroidered Jewelry, she walks you through how to assemble…Read More

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