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In order to qualify for a Nunn Design wholesale account, all applicants must have a city, county, and/or country business license or a state tax certification (such as a resale permit, resellers license or a tax certificate) allowing you to operate as a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer. All merchandise purchased must be used for gift or jewelry production or resale only. If you do qualify, register to become an account.

Not Eligible For Wholesale?

Nunn Design primarily sells wholesale, please visit our Where to Buy Page for a listing of online stores that sell Nunn Design Findings retail.

Wholesale Customer Application

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  • Business Documentation

    Please upload a copy of your resale certificate. We require all wholesale customers to provide a current copy of their resale certificate which allows a business to purchase goods without paying sales tax.

    We do understand that in many cases, your state or local governments do not require certain businesses to possess a business license and/or resale certificate. However, most states have lowered the Sales Tax Nexus* to a point that now requires our business to pay sales tax to each state we sell to unless the customers we are selling to have the proper documentation that allows them to make wholesale purchases.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pdf, png, Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Please contact support@nunndesign.com with any questions.


* Sales Tax Nexus defines the level of connection between a taxing jurisdiction such as your state and an entity such as our business.  In layman’s terms, Sales Tax Nexus allows states to collect sales tax from ecommerce sales to that state once the sales exceed the threshold set by the state.  Sales Tax Nexus was originally established to tax big businesses like Amazon and Wayfair but states continue to lower their Sales Tax Nexus thresholds and are now at a level that can and does affect smaller businesses.  Businesses are more or less exempt if they are selling wholesale to customers that qualify to buy wholesale but every state has the right to audit businesses and we take that very seriously.  During an audit, wholesale businesses are required to demonstrate that their sales have been made to businesses in that state that qualify to buy wholesale.