Let’s Talk Clasps & Closures!

One of the unique things about the collection of jewelry findings, offered by Nunn Design, is that we offer our makers everything they will need to complete a jewelry project from start to finish. Findings that help you complete your jewelry is what we are focusing on in this post. We’ve broken the category into […]

Let’s Talk Bracelets!

If you aren’t including bracelets within your offering of jewelry findings, we are excited for you to explore more. Just when we think the trend is about to slow in bracelets, we are often proven wrong! If it isn’t stacks of bangles, it is chunky charm bracelets or a cuff that is trending! Let’s break […]

New Hammered Bezels and Charms!

Since May I have been in the warehouse pulling each and every one of your orders. I love doing this work because it helps me feel connected to each of your creative businesses. I can see firsthand what is working and what is not. Product development has always been one of Nunn Design’s strengths. Mostly […]

Let’s Talk Earrings!

Earring Blanks for Jewelry Making

Earrings continue to be a strong fashion trend. High quality nickel-free earrings allow for an affordable, quick, and easy way to “accessorize” any outfit. For the past year, earrings have been the fastest moving finished jewelry item for many of our customers. All of the virtual meetings, Facetime and Zoom gatherings allowed everyone to wear […]

Let’s Talk Rings!

Nunn Design Rings

When Covid first hit, I was concerned that we would see a large dip in our rings sales due to the amount of time that people were being encouraged to wash their hands. We even thought about cutting this section of our line for a wee second or two, but we snapped out of it! […]

Let’s Talk Metal Stamping Flat Tags!

Metal Stamping Flat Tags

Small independent makers can thrive within the category of customization by metal stamping on Nunn Design Flat Tags. The backstory behind the development of Nunn Design Flat Tags goes way back. I wanted to make myself a necklace with my children’s initials by metal stamping on sterling silver tags. It was a big trend even […]

Let’s Talk Open Bezels!

Nunn Design Open Bezels

As Nunn Design has expanded as a company, our jewelry finding collection of bezels has expanded too. We are always looking for innovative ways for our customers to express their art forms. The introduction of Open Frame Bezels has been an exciting addition. It has allowed for our customers to build out innovative brands that […]

Let’s Talk Bezels!

In the early years of Nunn Design, our collection of jewelry findings started out being purely a bezel line. Bezels continue to be our largest category and what Nunn Design is internationally known for. Let’s talk bezels! Because this category is so large, we will be focusing in this post on our traditional solid back […]

Let’s Talk Charms!


Charms are emotionally a very satisfying finding to design with because of the symbolism that is communicated in an artful way. You can tell the success of a category within the Nunn Design Findings Collection based on the quantity of choices. Based on the quantity of options that you see here, charms are a very […]

Let’s Talk Earwires

For the past year, earrings have been the fastest moving finished jewelry item for many of our customers. All of the virtual meetings, Facetime and Zoom gatherings allowed everyone to wear sweatpants at home and to put their focus on making a statement with their earrings. As Covid restrictions lift (here in Port Townsend, Washington, […]

Let’s Talk Jumprings!

New Textured Jumprings

  Sometimes it is those little things that really make a difference. Having cool jumprings that match all of your other Nunn Design Findings is one of those differences. If you are a long time dedicated buyer of Nunn Design USA made and plated jumprings, thank you. If you haven’t yet discovered them, you are […]

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