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Holiday Embroidered Ornaments by Jessica of MCarolynCo

More holiday embroidery inspirations using the ornament kits from Nunn Design. Thank you Jessica for your lovely pieces!   Learn More About Jessica: Shop Jessica’s Etsy site: Follow her on Instagram: @mcarolynandco To shop the Embroidery Finding Kits, visit our website! Shop Retail Embroidery Findings Kits Shop Wholesale Embroidery Findings Kits

Holiday Embroidered Ornaments by Sarah Buckley Art

Just in case you readers have any ideas, Sarah has agreed to let me have first rights of refusal on these! I have my fingers crossed! Aren’t they Lovely! You can read an interview we did with Sarah here: Nunn Design Jewelry Kits for Embroidery Inspiration. Featuring Sarah Buckley! Learn More About Sarah: Shop Sarah’s […]

Enamel Pins I LOVE! Bonbi Forest

Every now and then I come across an illustrator’s style that makes me swoon. Lee Foster-Wilson is one of those illustrators! Lee creates wonderful illustrations that connect people to nature and their relationships with each other. Her art is highly emotionally charged, therefore earning my description of “swoon.” Located in south-east England, Lee’s illustrations explore […]

Artisan Feature – Rebecca Sower

It is fun to follow along on a journey of an artist. Creativity doesn’t stay still and Rebecca Sower embodies that fully. I came to know of Rebecca years ago when she had a full line of scrapbooking and art journaling supplies that she licensed through several companies within the Craft & Hobby Association. As […]

Aristan Feature: Paula of
Resity Shop!

(source: instagram @resityshop) One of the many things that I love about designing and distributing jewelry findings is watching our customers create. It is especially fun when I see a designer from Sibiu, Romania creating with organics and resin within the Nunn Design Bezels. Please, let me introduce to you Paula of Resity Shop. I […]

Brags on You!

The amount of brags to be featured, makes this a very popular post. Thank you to all of you who create with Nunn Design Findings and provide us a platform to Brag on You! Circuit Breaker Labs (source: circuitbreakerlabs) (source: circuitbreakerlabs) (source: instagram @circuitbreakerlabs) It is always fun to see what Circuit Breaker Lab is […]

Artisan Feature: Little Blue Bus Jewelry!

Metal stamping continues to be a great way to incorporate that handmade touch to jewelry making. It also allows the artisan the ability to stock inventory that can be easily customized or to create on-demand finished pieces once she/he has received an order. Brandi Light knows all about this business model and has grown a […]

Floral Resin Jewelry Inspirations

As the trend of including organics and dried florals into resin continues upward, the artistry behind the design and composition of the organics is rising to an unprecedented level. I have highlighted the work of My Meadow Jewelry and Tiny Ice Flower to focus on the incredible beauty of floral in resin jewelry. The commitment […]

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