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Artisan Feature – Rebecca Sower

It is fun to follow along on a journey of an artist. Creativity doesn’t stay still and Rebecca Sower embodies that fully. I came to know of Rebecca years ago when she had a full line of scrapbooking and art journaling supplies that she licensed through several companies within the Craft & Hobby Association. As […]

Aristan Feature: Paula of
Resity Shop!

(source: instagram @resityshop) One of the many things that I love about designing and distributing jewelry findings is watching our customers create. It is especially fun when I see a designer from Sibiu, Romania creating with organics and resin within the Nunn Design Bezels. Please, let me introduce to you Paula of Resity Shop. I […]

Brags on You!

The amount of brags to be featured, makes this a very popular post. Thank you to all of you who create with Nunn Design Findings and provide us a platform to Brag on You! Circuit Breaker Labs (source: circuitbreakerlabs) (source: circuitbreakerlabs) (source: instagram @circuitbreakerlabs) It is always fun to see what Circuit Breaker Lab is […]

Artisan Feature: Little Blue Bus Jewelry!

Metal stamping continues to be a great way to incorporate that handmade touch to jewelry making. It also allows the artisan the ability to stock inventory that can be easily customized or to create on-demand finished pieces once she/he has received an order. Brandi Light knows all about this business model and has grown a […]

Floral Resin Jewelry Inspirations

As the trend of including organics and dried florals into resin continues upward, the artistry behind the design and composition of the organics is rising to an unprecedented level. I have highlighted the work of My Meadow Jewelry and Tiny Ice Flower to focus on the incredible beauty of floral in resin jewelry. The commitment […]

Artisan Feature: Lisa Rogers Studio

Lisa ventured into the world of art at the tender age of three when she decided that the white walls needed her special touch of magenta crayon. She continued to explore art over the years, creating paintings and murals, theatrical set design and large scale stage backdrops.  Along the way, Lisa luckily discovered the art […]

Nunn Design Art Day! Creative Play Results in 3 Fun Techniques Using Excess Resin

Quarterly, the team at Nunn Design puts the phone and emails on hold to take time out to create using Nunn Design Findings. Here is some of the creative play from our latest Nunn Design Art Day. Both Cheryl and Kathryn focused on how to create fantastic and fresh jewelry using excess resin! Kathryn’s Resin […]

Artisan Feature: Sudify!

(source: @sudify) Susan (suda) Storck is a self-proclaimed plant freak who also happens to be an artist. One really has to be in love with their materials in order to create such pieces of sculpted beauty. Susan’s pieces are stunning! SUDIFY [soo-duh-fahy] verb (used with object), sudified, sudifying. 1. to preserve the form or qualities […]

Artisan Feature Simply Stella Jewelry

(source: @simplystellajewelry) After 28 years of teaching elementary children, Jill Monfiletto decided it was time to follow her dream of creating jewelry full time. With a wholesale jewelry line, Jill is now living the life that she always wanted in beautiful Carson Valley of northern Nevada. Jill took a moment to tell us about her […]

Brags on the 2019 Nunn Design Spring Art Retreat!

Left to Right: Luranah, Dawn, Andrea, Denise, Dian, Becky Nunn, Tabitha, Jenn, Agnes, Patty, Mari & Jovanna. The 2019 Nunn Design Spring Art Retreat was held here in beautiful Port Townsend, WA last weekend. Of course, you would expect for a company that is hosting such an event to say it was “great,” but truly, it […]

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